Dark Passion

Disclaimer: This is a long post. Please keep reading J

Hello everyone! So how was the weekend for you all? Well, I relaxed for a day and then watched the movie “Prometheus” the other day. Need not mention (if you have already seen this movie), it was an exciting movie with ample of teeth clenching moments. You never know when what will happen.

Its Monday today, and I am back in office and writing this particular post in my break hour as I have already completed my day’s work and nothing much is left for today.
From now onwards, I have decided to write more for my blog (not that there is any pressure or necessity), but I think it would be quite fun to pen down my ideas or thoughts on my blog for others to read.
To start with, I can talk about things that I want to do in this life, and sometime very soon. In each of our lives, we have certain list of things which we always wanted to do but couldn’t just because of lack of time or opportunity, or resources or support etc. However, we still have those desires in us somewhere back in our mind – that someday we will do it! So here goes my list –
1.     Get trained in dancing:
Yes, dance – be it any dance form, I love them all. I have always loved dancing and wanted to pursue dancing as one of my major hobbies, but circumstances never allowed me to. Now that I am married and have priorities and other things lined up in life, I sometimes think if I can still go for it. Even during my school days, I was an pretty active in dance competitions and events.
2.     Work more on my body:
I can go to any limits when the question is about a fit and athletic body. I want to seriously work out and get a fit and toned body. I would love to have those curved biceps and triceps, washboard and worked out abs, a sculpted waist and back! Fitness (which is always on my mind, no matter what) is my key area of interest. I sometimes also think of leaving my current job and study sports science and then become a personal trainer. I would love to do that. I still go to the gym but I want to dedicate more of myself into fitness.
3.     Polish my cooking skills:
I love love love cooking. Trying my hand on different cuisines and dishes usually keeps me busy on my weekends. But I am still not happy with the time I spend on cooking being it one of my major interests. My day ends even before I realize! I rarely get time to cook much.
4.     Spend more time in reading:
I want to read. Seriously. And read more. It’s like a never ending urge inside me. And my topics of interest are fiction, fitness and spirituality (in that order). Though I don’t get much time to read, (blame it to my 10 hours job and 2.5 hours of travel daily) I still read on a daily basis.
5.     Be a model:
Last but not the least – I always wanted to be a model. No kidding! Somewhere deep down, even today I have that desire still in me. I love posing for my pictures. Stalking the models in those fashion magazines always kept me engaged in my teen years. I wanted to have a glamorous job ( may be like of a fashion editor), but then destiny had planned something else for me and thus I landed in the IT industry.
The list may go too long – but I think 5 is good for now. I am working on organizing the folders of my life. And soon, I may expect some exciting stuff happening in my life, after which I can think of working on the above list.
       That’s all for now. Please enjoy the outfit pictures taken (in Kanpur) by my super lovely younger sister on a movie date. (Sisterly-love)


Jumpsuit: Promod
Shoes: Stilettos, New Delhi
Watch: Titan
Belt: Macy’s
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Bag: Wilson Leather
Black beaded necklace: Gift from sister
Green pendant necklace and earrings: Macy’s

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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