A plain mane story

In the words of Martin Luther, “The hair is the richest ornament of a woman”. The statement can’t be truer.

This post is going to be different from the usual outfit posts. It’s a story about a girl. A girl who hated her hair.
And that girl is me.

Flashback – My mother always had those super long locks falling below her waist touching her hips. She had thick black long hair. My mom was a Rapunzel, in a way. And I, being her biological daughter, inherited that thick hair from her. However, my version was not that soft and silky. They were thick and rough! And I never liked my hair. NEVER EVER. Simply because they were so thick and dense that I could hardly manage them or make different hairstyles out of them.

I always had to keep them oiled (so that they stay in control) and tied up in a high pony or two plaits (for school). I remember once talking to my mom –

Me: “Mom, I don’t like my hair.”

Mom: “You have beautiful hair, sweetie. What’s wrong with your hair?”

Me: “They are so thick and rough. I want soft and silky hair.”

Mom: “Don’t think that way; you have got healthy hair, just like me. There are women who dream of thick hair like yours. You should be happy!”

And I used to wonder, would I ever be happy with my hair. Phew.!!

Those were the days when the market was getting flooded with all the new shampoos and conditioners. New products were getting launched and marketed heavily on TV channels and posters etc. And no wonder, I was highly influenced by those commercials where in the models had such fabulous, flowing, super long lustrous hair by using the shampoo and conditioner they are advertising for.
And hence, I started trying all those shampoos one by one. My motto was to search one such magical shampoo which can transform my hair from bad to fab! And in that search, I kept on trying a new shampoo every time I washed my hair. Every single time, thinking one day I will find the shampoo of my dreams. But no luck!

I even got my hair straightened, colored and chemically treated in the urge of my dream hair, but I can say this from my personal experience that all these were temporary fixes. Nothing helped in improving the texture of my hair.

Well, then life kept going and I moved to New Delhi as I got a job. By now, I was too tired of trying different products on my hair. I was in a state of “Been there, done that”!

Then the launch of Dove shampoos and conditioners happened. I still remember seeing those commercials where real women (and not models) were talking about their personal experiences on TV (the after effects of using the products), and undoubtedly they seemed happy! And I thought to myself, is that true or is it a selling gimmick again. After waiting for a while, I thought of giving it a try. I bought myself a sachet of Dove shampoo and washed my hair with it.
From the very first wash, I could see or rather feel the difference! I clearly remember I loved my hair that day. For the first time ever, my hair felt so smooth and silky, just the way I wanted them to be! I was so happy to find the perfect shampoo, which was made for me, for my kind of hair. Then, I headed to the drug store and bought the large size bottles of the shampoo and conditioner and started using it regularly.

Eventually, the texture of my hair improved from rough and coarse to soft and shiny… and that was the end of my hair problems!

Reality – I love my hair now. I am a Rapunzel too, in my own way 😉 Dove really changed my hair. I even suggested my mom to try these shampoos out. She loves them too!
That was my hair story. Go try Dove! And feel the change!

And yes, check this Dove hair-aware application on Facebook. It’s pretty cool.

This post is my entry to the ‘My Beautiful Hair Story’ contest organized by Dove and Indiblogger.

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

9 thoughts on “A plain mane story”

  1. Its nice to feel that many things are common between u and me…like Dove, Rujuta and going through ur all the posts..lets see what will be next 😉


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