Commit to be FIT

A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I’m afraid of widths. ~ Steven Wright

I thought of sharing my fitness story with you all today. Like how I became so aware of my body and fitness. I was never on the skinny side though was slim in my school and college days (I was staying in Kanpur then, with my family and relishing mom-cooked food). Then my life took a turning point, I completed my studies and I decided to move out of Kanpur and shift to New Delhi in order to pursue my career in the aviation industry. I worked for Kingfisher Airlines for few months (which happened to be a tiring 12 hours job, by the way), and also faced the sad side-effects of staying away from home à Weight Gain. Yes, I gained weight, very rapidly, all because of the junk and outside food I was relying upon. And the bad part, I did not even realize it. Everything in my life was happening so fast that I did not get time to sit and think of what am I eating and what is its impact on my body.

I did not use to cook back then, hence eating out all 3 meals was part of my daily routine. After a year and half, I started realizing the negative changes in my body. I had love handles, a waist with a round tyre, sagging arms and fat thighs. All the charm was gone. My previous clothes did not fit me now. Nothing was looking good. I thought to myself “How can I neglect myself so much! I look so different now. This was not my motive when I came to a different city and decided to live all by myself.”
Our health always seems much more valuable after we lose it. Then I took a decision to stop abusing my body and do something (good) for myself, but did not know where to start from. That was the time when Kareena Kapoor’s (an Indian actress) size zero was in the news all over. Though I was not at all influenced by that kind of a figure, but that particular news hi-jacked everything from News channels to newspapers to fashion magazines and what not.
Then one fine day on TV, I watched Rujuta Diwekar (Kareena’s nutritionist) being interviewed. And only after listening to her, was I convinced to buy her book ‘Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight’.
I immediately ordered that book online and got it delivered on a Saturday (which luckily happened to be my weekly off day). I read that book in flat 2 hours (or may be less). And it would not be a lie to say that the book changed my way of thinking forever. It was that kind of a moment for me – when you badly need help and God sends someone to help you right in the middle of the ocean! I was inspired to the highest level on earth! The very next day I got myself a gym subscription, stopped feeding my mouth with all the junk, processed and unhealthy food. Eventually started cooking healthy and nutritious food at home. In the words of Rujuta (the author), started eating the right thing, in the right quantity and at the right time!

This book is truly an eye-opener. The author connects with the reader so well that one gets addicted to the book. It becomes difficult to keep it down. I then started seeing changes in my body (over a period of 3-5 months), which were the combined results of good diet and work-out sessions. I lost all my extra weight and started to look good and healthy again.
I seriously, whole heatedly thank the super generous lady “Rujuta Diwekar” for writing such an amazing book and sharing her knowledge with the masses.
It’s been close to 4 years since then and my journey towards a fitter body continues. I treat my body as my temple. I love love love working out. I love my gym and my food. I actually wait for those 40 min daily when I get re-charged from within. Though there are days when my energy levels go down and I don’t feel like working out or eating right, then I head back to the book (which, by the way, I have read for at least 100 times by now), and get all my inspiration back in gear.

“Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, a blessing money can’t buy.”

“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no ‘I’ll start tomorrow.’ Tomorrow is disease.” – So friends, let’s get going!!
Cheers to fitness!

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

24 thoughts on “Commit to be FIT”

  1. omg! it was like deja vu for me while reading this article. incidentally, I am also one of the people who has ordered that book, read it, got inspired and followed a healthy life style there after. good going gal, couldnt be more happier for u for embracing the healthy eating and working out! Kudos!


  2. oh wow. FOUR YEARS !!!
    i have started following her principles and read the book quite a number of times whenever i have a doubt, and from feb till date.. i feel such a big change in myself and that too – so soon!!
    Though i have not geared myself back to i want to be healthy and not just thin.. i suppose some more motivation and time 🙂 So glad for you!!


  3. amazing Ritika…congrats for ur success and kudos to Rujuta as always.. :D…i have her book too…but need to follow it to the last detail..will sure do after reading ur story..

    God bless !


  4. Absolutely ….. Rujuta rocks… her book is amazing…by that all doubts are clear and one can enjoy life by his/her own way. She gave a freedom key by which we can enjy eating as well as become rocking…. Thanks for sharing.. I have the same experiance as was at same position… 🙂 Thanks to Ruju…. 🙂


  5. Hey guys! I just started following her principles…and exercise quite irregularly…and I lost 2kilos….i m a happy 59 kilos at a height of 5'2″. Rujuta….You took just the right path to reach so many of us who cant afford u, eh! 😉 love ur books.


    1. I have following queries.

      1. Peanuts: I stay in US and I’m not quite very sure if I’m using right type of peanuts.
      Are you referring to peanuts with shell or without shell. Currently I’m using peanuts from Indian stores which are directly available in packets.(I’m afraid if they are fresh or god ones)
      Please send me link or any pictures that would help me choosing right peanuts.

      2. Having busy life its difficult to buy fresh vegetables and fruits on daily basis. How do you maintain food fresh?


      1. Hello Sravz, I live in US too. All kinds of peanuts are good. However, they should not have any kind of salt or sugar coating on them. Like you said, you can buy the regular peanuts from Indian stores and roast them at home in a pan!
        Regarding fresh vegetables – I buy my veggies and fruits once a week. (See if you can go to a farmer’s market every weekend). Don’t let the vegetables sit in your fridge for a very long time. Use it within 3 -4 days of purchase. Hope this helps!!


  6. I have always believed that being fit is the only way to live and follow it religiously….

    try to cook healthy meals and even if i indulge in sinful food once in a while, try to make it up my extra workouts!!

    i have seen that book on shelf a lot of times in bookstores!!…might just buy it now…for the might just give him that impetus to hit the gym!!


  7. Loved reading your post, even I've read Rujuta's both the books and I used to be a fitness freak but post pregnancy and baby I feel so lazy about going to gym…….:(


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