Big News Neon-ized

We were out to celebrate my birthday, as one more year is added to my age now. I bought a Zara bag and a Mango dress as my birthday gift (sponsored by my lovely husband). I have big news to reveal today.. We are moving to United States next week.. for good. My husband got a job there and hence, we decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona. I plan to take up a job there. 
So we would be going there together, selecting a new house, buying things for home, in short – setting up a new life for ourselves. It would be challenging but fun! And I am eagerly looking forward to it.
This time next week my bags would have been completely packed and the clock would be ticking!

Well, these pictures were taken before a week as my husband took me out for a candle-light dinner on my birthday. We went to this nice romantic place called ‘Ardor’ in Connaught Place, New Delhi.
The food was delicious and the night was superb. We enjoyed a nice walk post our food and clicked some pictures too.
My last post got amazingly positives reviews and I am thankful to everoyne for dropping your lovely comments.
On my outfit – 
I am wearing my new skinny denims and a neon top with flats. Though I am a heels person, I chose wearing flats as we had plans to take a nice long walk post dinner at Connaught Place, and the flats saved me from all the pain of walking..
The Neon trend is growing up lately. And it looks elegant and casual at the same time. Dress it up or dress it down as you wish. These colors are the latest trend and are termed as the hottest colors out there. I suggest you try them out and you will not regret.
Some style tips on neon
1. Pick your neon shade. There are hundreds of different shades, hence, it’s better to narrow down your favourite colors and look for a color which brings out your features.
2. If you can’t dare to wear a big neon piece, buy neon accessories. Put on a tangy orange or a vibrant pink nail paint, carry a bright yellow bag, or wear a lime color belt.
3. Black looks very good with neon as it gives a dark base for the neon color to brighten up more.
4. Avoid going neon in clothes, make-up and accessories all together! Our aim is to look stylish and not clownish!
5. Feel it – Neon colors are fluorescent. If you are wearing neon, feel bright, energetic and happy. Be confident and most importantly, wear your smile 🙂
P.S. The last picture is of my birthday cake 🙂


Neon blouse: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Old Navy
Bag: Rosetti
Watch: Invicta
Metal bangles: From Kanpur
Belt: Fashion & You

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

8 thoughts on “Big News Neon-ized”

  1. woowoww! happy budday Ritika and congrats on the big news and the bigggg move! so excited that u r moving to the same country as I 🙂 and hpefully now u can make the it to the INFB bloggers meet in US :)))
    loving that u hav embraced the neon trend, looks grt on you.
    wow! ur skin is glowing in one of the pics 🙂
    new post up


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