Top 10 Fall 2012 Trends

Yeh, another Fall 2012 post!

The new season has unveiled new trends, new colors and shapes when it comes to fashion and it seems that the new wave of trends are all about making a statement.
The number of Fall/ Winter 2012/ 2013 fashion trends is large which makes it possible for every fashion-conscious girl to find something to her taste.
This fall season is all about variety, so check out the latest fashion trends spotted on the runway and find out which styles should not miss from your fall 2012 wardrobe!

1. Military – It is surprising how fashion keeps changing all the time as the military trend is getting more and more popular with fashionistas who used to love feminine and delicate designs. Every designer from Victoria Beckham to Salvatore Ferragamo has demonstrated their works inspired by military trend.

2. Leather – Nothing screams elegance, luxury and timeless classicism more than leather. Leather is always in fashion but it usually gets trendier with colder seasons approaching. A complete head-to-toe leather lookis very popular this season. You can create amazing and chic looks using all kinds of colors in leather.

3. Peplum – Peplums were quite popular this summer and will continue to be trendy during this Fall season as well. However new peplums are darker and classier.

4. Knits – Keeping well into the comfort zone is a must especially when it comes to casual wear. And now, with knits as a trend, there are plenty of knitted items available, in all possible colors, prints and lengths.

5. Whites – Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? This fall season will have a big chunk of winter white.

6. Burgundy – The rich, wine color is “the new black“. The bold, bordeaux hue took every form on the fall runways: as tailored pant suits, draped evening gowns, oversized coats, and much more. Embrace burgundy this year, and jettison the traditional (and boring) autumn tones, like brown and army green.

7. Menswear Inspired – The suit or the masculine inspired look has made its presence felt since last year’s fall season and it seems that this year the look is yet again on top of the trends as nothing can top the fierceness and classy look a perfectly tailored suit can bring. Paired with a cool shirt and with the right attitude, you can make heads turn!

8. Over-sized coats and pockets – The bigger the better, however, over-sized coats have a high impact over one’s look, so learn how to rock this oh-so-fab coat as this year it will be everywhere!

9. Metallic Gold – One of the trends for the fall collections was metallic gold, or we can say, if the evening wear on the New York runways had a single theme, it was gold, with gowns rendered in liquid-like metallic that practically dripped off the catwalk. 

10. Pattern – Besides zoological prints, like leopard and python, to which we are already accustomed, watch for swirls of geometric patterns on suits, dresses, jackets, tops, skirts, and pants.


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