New Year – New Beginnings

I wish all my readers and blogger friends, a very Happy New Year! After all those speculations about the world ending on December 21st 2012, we finally made it to 2013. Cheers to that!

You might have noticed, I have been posting less lately. Blame it to my office and travel engagements, I don’t get much time to sit on my computer and write a post.
But I am truly enjoying this phase as well. I always wanted it. I like to work and keep myself busy, sitting free is just not my cup of tea!

The past year left us with both bitter and sweet memories. Few are personal and the rest are known to all! We are still fighting and will keep fighting until we get justice. I will not write the details here, but most of us know that I am talking about this incident.

This past year went very well for me. I have so much to share from this year, of course all good things! I can call these the milestones in my life –

  1. First and foremost, On March 18th, I started my own blog. Rising Colors was born out of pure inspiration, excitement and love towards fashion. And I thank you all for being a part of it.
  2. On May 5th, when I celebrated my first marriage anniversary with my man, I couldn’t believe it’s already one year! It still feels like yesterday when we first met. I love him for being with me and being my rock solid support in life! Love You Gaurav 🙂
  3. I think travel will never leave me. And I am happy this way. No complains! I love travelling and this year was full of travel opportunities for me. Be it hometown, hill stations, sight-seeing, jungle, zoo, beaches, shopping, road trips, long flight hours, I have done it all! And I am sure there is more to come.
  4. All was going well, then a big change happened. And I was not sure about it. My husband got a new role in Phoenix, USA and we decided to move to States. The next thing was I decided to leave my job! Yes, I gambled! Did not know then, what future holds for me. But I knew I could not sit at home for long, I had to do something. Blogging came to my rescue then. I started writing whatever I felt like and that worked as a life saver. Especially when my husband left for work and I had nothing to do.
  5. Not to forget, I made friends too! Met with new people, few on the blog, few in the city. And I feel immense happiness to say that I also have few supporters in my life who I can proudly call F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And it’s always fun to hang out with them!
  6. Coming to U.S. also made me aware of my love for baking and cooking. I truly enjoy the time I spend in my kitchen. I put all my love and care in to the food I prepare. Cooking is an never ending art and you always keep learning. So am I.
  7. Then I learned car driving. I always wanted to! However, life in India was too fast. Never got a chance there to sit behind the wheel. But now, I am so proud of myself that I can drive way better than many experienced people. That’s a big achievement for me. And I thank my trainer Henry Williams and my husband for that!
  8. And then, ‘THE HAIRCUT‘ happened. From long – to – short.It was on one fine Sunday evening, while browsing pictures of Gul Panag and Mandira Bedi, I decided to get those long locks chopped! I was bored of my hair. That is how I am! For me, when a decision is taken, it has to be implemented. No second thoughts! That was a bold decision, but trust me, I love it this way. I don’t miss my long hair at all. At least not so soon! Never say Never.
  9. Then came the job. I applied for a job, got interviewed and selected. BOOM!! All things changed! Before I know, I started working in America. Altogether a new experience for me!The working culture, the people, their behavior, attitude, expectations etc. everything is so different here. And I love being part of it.
More than everything that happened in this past year, one thing is for sure and that is the growth in ME. I grew as a person. I am not the same person as before. I am definitely more confident, open, thoughtful, happy, content and thankful to God. My relationships have grown too! And so did my blog.

I can’t thank enough, but still, Thank you all my readers. Thank you!!

I am as excited as you all are, to enjoy what this new year may bring upon!
On that note, I have selected few pictures from the last year to add in this post, which in some way or the other, are very close to my heart!

Good Luck to all and keep reading..

Complete Post (This post was loved by all)
Complete Post (That’s my favorite sweatshirt)
Complete Post (A post dedicated to my father)
Complete Post (A recent post – must read)
Complete Post (Love my Zara Silk shirt)
Complete Post  (A romantic night out with husband)
Complete Post (A movie and lunch date on a hot sunny day – Connaught Place, New Delhi)
Complete Post (My love for all things dark)
Complete Post (Something I picked up from a street vendor in Bangalore)
Complete Post (How to style Harem pants – one of my most read posts)
Complete Post (Life should always be fun!)
Complete Post (First pic after my haircut)
Complete Post (Out for coffee)
Complete Post (It was real fun writing this post)
Complete Post (One of my initial posts, a big hit)
Complete Post (Birthday Post. Also made a big announcement in this post)
Complete Post (From one of my trips to Kanpur, my hometown)
Complete Post (In my favourite skirt)
Complete Post (On a lunch date with my loving sister)
Complete Post (Mint and Pink addiction)
Complete Post (Kingdom of Dreams)
Clicked by my husband. At a dinner party.
When we travelled to Winslow to see the Meteor Crater

Complete Post (On a Saturday morning, after cleaning our car)
Complete Post (One of my favorite Photoshoot)
Complete Post (First official post after the haircut. This is when we went to Sedona)
Complete Post (When I took the Denim challenge)
At a party, where my husband looks too busy with me
Getting cozy, at another winter wedding
We also went to visit the Natural bridge in Payson
Karwachauth – Still happy after a full day fast
Complete Post (At a relative’s place. Lazying around)
Complete Post (On Diwali – In our living room)
With my in-laws. Love them.
Complete Post (Banglasaheb, New Delhi)
Diwali fair – In Phoenix
Complete Post (On our way to San Diego. And my first ever drive on the Highway)
We went to Sedona once again. Many more trips to come.
Complete Post (We love eating at Chipotle. That’s where we clicked it)
The end of a big shopping day
I say Happy Gypsy! On a Saturday night – Phoenix Downtown
Cousin’s marriage – Lucknow
Sedona trip
Let’s say a  ‘filmy-pose’
Walking down the aisle street
With my younger sister – Delhi Airport
On our very First Marriage Anniversay. I love this man!! And his smile.. his style.. Well…….everything!!
Loved the cake too
My handsome husband!
Complete Post (On my travel to Binsar)
Complete Post (When we went to San Diego Sea World)
An iPhone clicked picture. After returning from a Birthday party.
Complete Post (San Diego Zoo it is)

With Love,


Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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