On New Year 2013

A big Hello to all. I have so much to talk about, however, so many other important things (like work, shopping and cooking) eat up all my time lately! But I sure do take time out to blog once in a while.
I miss being regular on Blogosphere, I seriously do, and I hope so do you all and I would definitely keep trying on blogging more frequently, and that’s a gentle-woman’s promise!
So on new year, We (along with our few friends), went to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon to spend the New Year playing in the snow. Yes, another road trip. And do I even need to mention that we had a gala time there! This was my first ever experience in snow, as I am from New Delhi and it does not snow there, well neither it does here in Phoenix, so we traveled few hours to enjoy the other side of the weather.
We stayed there for few days and what a fun road trip it was. Travel is on the cards this year too, I guess. 2013 started with a ‘Bang’ for me. As we traveled  had fun, ate delicious food, laughed, joked, chatted, played in snow and did I mention – I bought a car for myself? Yeah, right! That’s the Breaking News today. I bought my own car. I was dying to share this news, by the way. And more than that, I am waiting to drive it, as I have yet to get it’s delivery. Waiting.. Waiting..
January is one of my favorite months (besides July and May, my birthday and marriage months) because it’s my husband’s birthday month!!! Yayyy… and his birthday is due in about 10 days. I am super-duper excited about it and have already started collecting gifts for him. I hope he likes it all. Can’t wait to celebrate the day, on which my loving Husband came in to this world (for me).
Well, that’s pretty much summarizes all the current news in my life.
On other note, these days I find myself in the ‘excited’ mode all the time! Be it going to work, chatting, watching movie, cooking, eating, shopping, driving.. basically everything! I can say, I am excited about ‘Life’. Hope that’s not stupid, but I seriously am! I find everything nice and peaceful in life. I suddenly feel so content! I can say this is the best time of my life so far and I pray it never ends! Thank you God for everything 🙂
With those words, I would leave you with few pictures of my trip to Flagstaff and Grand Canyon. Enjoy.. And may God bless you all.

Day One –

At night – when it started to snow, it was Magical –
Day Two – Off for Grand Canyon


Day One –
Overcoat – Guess
Scarf: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Oakley
Bag: Forever 21

Jeans – Levis Denizen
Shoes: Vans

Day Two –
T-Shirt: Gap
Sweater: Forever 21
Jacket: Aeropostale
Jeans: Fame Forever
Shoes: Reebok
Scarf: H&M
Sunglasses: Forever 21

Hat: Burlington Coat Factory
Gloves: Borrowed

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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