I turned one today!

Hey you all..

Its March 27th today. It’s my birthday today.. I turned one today. Exactly one year ago this day, my creator gave birth to me, a blog, which she proudly named ‘Rising Colors‘. May be because she loves colors – and not one, but all of them.

I know what you are thinking – Who am I? I am Rising Colors – the blog itself. It is always she who writes a post, but because it’s my birthday today, she let me write this one myself. Well, thank her for that. She is the Boss! Oh, but she is too kind.Β 

It feels so good. In this one year I have achieved so much, came so far, gained so many admirers, readers, friends, some known and some anonymous. And l love you all, very much.

Every now and then, my owner pens down her ideas, her thoughts on to me and then, I take it forward to the world. I am not only her messenger but her true friend, her medium through which she shares everything that comes to her mind, like a diary – but an open one.
She loves me, a lot, treats me like her baby. I really like the way she communicates with the world through me, I like being so close to her. I never question her or judge her. I just listen. I listen to everything she has to say. Is it not what she created me for?
She has changed so much in this one year. She learned a lot on this journey with me, she is more confident now, takes higher risks and how can I forget, she also met her creative-self! There are way too many ideas and thoughts that keep popping in her mind and sometimes it’s too much for me to gasp, not that I am complaining! I love every bit of it.

Usually she comes to me when she has something to say, or express. There are times when she is sad, or angry, then I calm her down. I let her vent, I keep listening. After all she is my creator, and I love her straight-forwardness. But the rest of the times I enjoy being a pal of a happy cheerful girl. Sometimes, she is so funny, she cracks me up! Her happy pictures enlighten me. I know I am always on her mind even when she is cooking or reading or watching a movie, or hanging out with friends. She is always looking for inspiration, just to make me more beautiful and creative! I love the way she designs me – I feel so beautiful, I know she works hard on me, and I will never let her down!

How can I forget I also have a silent contributor – her husband, her photographer, the love of her life. He clicks her the best and he is also her best critic. And I am sure you agree with me here. She loves him very much, or can I say beyond infinity. I know this because she keeps telling me that all the time! I am happy to have such an amazing life!

Well, thank you everyone for your wishes. I know I am still a small baby. And I would love to grow with you all – my friends my readers. This one year was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with you all.
Thank you for everything!
Oh and to all my Indian readers – Wish you a very Happy and Colorful Holi..!!

P.S. Did I mention she is going to bake banana and orange muffins today? I am too excited for that!

Rising Colors..

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

7 thoughts on “I turned one today!”

  1. Wow!! its so cute… just feel like reading this post again and again…
    A very Happy Birthday to you dear Rising colors..
    PS: You got a new follower.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    EastGrad Fashion


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