Ditch those Sweatpants

It struck me today when I was sitting at this hip café for a brunch on a weekday that dressing up is so much more important in our daily lives! It lays a very deep impact on others when they look at you. And why not? Your clothes and dressing style lays a big impact on the other person. Your first impression is already created, even before you open your mouth to say something!

It was the perfect weather to sit on the café patio, eat and not sweat. I was wearing a high-waist black and white hounds-tooth print pencil skirt and a green collared shirt tucked-in with black pumps. As I was enjoying my super light and super tasty brunch (which was by the way, a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich and a cup of hot mocha), I was equally engrossed in to people watching. Just to let you know, this is one of the most famous bakery shops in Phoenix and hence the breakfast and lunch hours are always crowded.
Out of the very few people who were dressed up, one could easily point out the ones coming straight from office (as they were wearing fromal work wear, and again, few of them were very boring-ly dressed, what happend to those interesting work wear experiments, people?), however most of the other people stepping in, were wearing their sweatpants or workout wear. I was shocked to see this at first! Even mommies entering with their children were also wearing sweatpants (they learn from us, don’t they?).


To be honest, I was highly disappointed and was feeling over-dressed in front of them! Well, anyways, being a blogger has its own cons, and one of them is that you feel over-dressed most of the times, considering these days people dress up well only if they are going to attend a party or a formal occasion or something like that (of course, exceptions are always there). But is it right? Well, I don’t think so! How can one step out of their house wearing their gym wear to grab lunch at such a nice place? Wearing sweats in pulic? This is a fashion crime, people!! Yes it is.

On the other side, dressing up is so much fun and we all agree to that! Putting on a pair of sweatpants and a lose t-shirt is a no-brainer and on top of it, it does no good to your attitude, self-confidence or for that matter, your first impression.
I feel so good when I am all dressed up, don’t we all? No offense, but this trend of NOT dressing up is mostly seen in the United States. I mean if we look at other fashion-aware countries like Paris, United Kingdom or Italy etc. you would rarely see people stepping out like that (unless they are out for a run or heading to the gym).

Apparently, how long does it take to swap those sweatpants with a Jeans or a Skirt? Less than a minute I guess! But it earns you so many brownie points for sure, and one should never forget that opportunities usually come your way in the least expected situations and you may not want to accept it wearing your PJs! Or do you?

So next time, when you are heading to that grocery store or for that cup of daily coffee wearing your Pajama’s or track pants, think again, take a minute and go change it!!

P.S. All of the above applies to both men and women. We believe in gender equality! Dressing up is important for all of us.

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

19 thoughts on “Ditch those Sweatpants”

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