Let it Rain

It was 5 in the evening. I sat in my car. It was dark and cloudy, it looked as if the clouds are about to touch down earth! Tiny drops of water started falling on my windshield. I was amused to see it.Sitting in my car, I called my husband (who was still working in office) – ‘Honey, you won’t believe it! Guess what?”
And before he could reply, I snapped, in a very cheerful voice – “It’s raining outside! Though very tiny droplets are falling, but still everything is looking so beautiful. When are you gonna come home?”
(Yes, you are allowed to become so happy when you live in a desert. Rain is very special to us)!

Husband: “Yeah, I know It’s raining. I can see from my office window. Looks pretty! But I can’t leave right now. I have work to complete.”

Me: “Oh! Well, then see you at home! Love you. Bye!”

I turned my car ignition on and plugged in my iPhone to the music system tuning in to my favorite rain song and drove the car off the parking lot. I was enjoying every bit of the moment.
As I was about to reach home, a sudden urge of drinking a hot mocha came through! And before I knew I  was driving towards the Drive-through lanes of Starbucks.

I reached home finally. It was pouring by then! Like they say – it was raining cats and dogs. I parked my car in its usual parking space and called husband again – “Hey, where are you?”

Husband: “I’m at home. Where are you, since you left before me?”

Me: “Yes, I did, but then I went to grab a cup of coffee since the weather is so pleasant. I wanted to have one!”

Husband: “Ok, so where are you now?”

Me: “I am right outside. Sitting in the car..”

Husband: “ What? Well, then why are still sitting in the car? Come inside! I am missing my lovely wife in this lovely weather!” (right, he never fails to let go any chance to flirt with me)!

Me: “Yeah, I love you too, but I can’t come in! It’s raining so hard, I will get drenched the moment I step out of the car!”

Husband: “So what! I thought you loved rains and you will look hot too!!” (see, flirting again)..

Me: “I do! But I don’t want to spoil this nice dress that I’m wearing plus these shoes are definitely not made to be soaked in water!”

By this time he came out in the patio and was laughing hard looking at me – as I was running in my heels towards the house. He was enjoying it!

I entered home, dropped my bags, threw my heels in the air, changed in to my sexy shorts and a tee. In less than a minute I was out of the house again! He was still in the patio enjoying the rain.. I finally got to get drenched! I danced, sang and laughed! It was amazing.. loved it!

Husband was still standing, laughing at me and clicking pictures from his phone! I was singing, dancing and sipping my favorite mocha! What’s not to love!

There are very few unplanned things in life make that you smile, make you happy! Don’t let go such moments! Live them.. to the fullest.
I love rains and I loved that evening…

~ The best thing you can do when it’s raining is to Let it ~


T-Shirt: American Eagle (also styled this t-shirt with a formal skirt) | Shorts: Thrifted

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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