Beauty isn’t make up

I ask this question to all my married girlfriends and female readers – Has it ever occurred that you have to go to a party and you get all dressed up in a sexy short dress, put on your photo-ready make-up, glam up those eyes, slip in to high heels and as you are about to leave the house, your beloved takes a rough look at you and snaps – ‘Hey, you are not looking beautiful today.. and are you wearing make-up?’
Well, yes, that moment is what I am talking about. Though it happens very rarely, but it does..
To me, this happened last Friday when we had to go to a party.
Now if you are thinking what was my response, well I was definitely not happy to hear that (like any other woman), since I spent like 20 minutes on my dressing table decorating my face! So much of hard work goes in to that.. isn’t it?

Anyways, then I asked him – ‘Why do you say that? I think I am looking just fine..’
Then he said softly – ‘You look good with out all the make-up. You are beautiful naturally, you just don’t need to apply make-up!’
And the very next moment I find my (angry) self going to the washroom, pumping two drops of the facewash and washing my face off with it!
And just like that all the make-up was washed down the drain..
On that note, while I was lathering my face, watching my reflection in the mirror, I thought to myself – is this why I buy all those jazzy expensive foundation bottles, eye shadow pots, shimmer and what not – to simply wash it off? Well, he wants natural and so will he get it!.

I told him to wait in the living room for me. I came out of the washroom, pat my face dry, switched my little black dress in to a simple pair of jeans and a chiffon blouse. To finish it off, I applied my favorite pinkish-red matte lipstick from Smashbox (that’s my go-to). And that was it! I barely took 5 minutes and I was ready! As I said, he was waiting in the living room. The moment I entered, he exclaimed with joy ‘Wow! Now you look beautiful!’ (At this time I was still furious knowing he was lying just to make me happy.. since I was determined that I was certainly not looking that party ready since I was wearing a pair of jeans, and, in my blogger dictionary, a pair of jeans is my last option if I am in the mood of dressing up..  i’ts just too casual for me!)

Well, anyways we left for the party. The venue was about 10 miles from our home, so we had plenty of time (red lights) to talk on the way..
While driving,  he kept saying it over and over again ‘You are looking so very pretty – ‘au naturel’.. trust me you don’t need any make-up.. etc. etc..’ And I kept listening to him, making faces that I don’t believe him! Then to prove his point, he took out his phone and clicked a picture of me sitting next to him in the car and said ‘See for yourself – I am not lying.’ The moment I saw the picture I smiled and said ‘Yes, may be you are right..’

And there it was – the truth of all our lives.. We really don’t need make-up to make ourselves look or feel beautiful. We should accept ourselves the way we are!
Well, there was my moment of awareness. Now I will (literally) trust my loving husband every time he says that I look beautiful because I know he will mean it!

“Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside and out.”

P.S. I am seriously ‘this’ close to throwing away all my foundation bottles, eye shadows, compact etc. Any takers??


Blouse: The Limited | Jeans: Levi’s | Watch: Fossil | Clutch: Gifted

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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