How to Dress Like French Women in 7 Steps

I have always admired how beautiful the French women manage to look! Even an average looking French woman looks so chic, and elegant, it’s hard to resist the urge of staring!
Well that being said, I decided to sit down and sum up a few points on how can ‘we‘ (it’s actually French women vs. the rest of the women in the world.. isn’t it?) dress up like them! Don’t they all look like real life models walking on the ramp of life! Just saying…
So here are a 5 easy steps, which if followed smartly, can make you look no less than those French women!

1. Quality vs. Quantity

Always choose quality. I always do. Buy good quality items. Be it shoes, clothing, accessories, invest in supreme quality stuff.
Instead of buying too many items, buy a few excellent quality items which will last with you forever..
Cheap fabric is so not Parisian!

2. The Fit
Your clothes should fit you well. Invest in nice tailored pieces.
Following the trend is good however, keep in mind that everything is not for everyone.
Find your own style and stick to it.

3. Grooming
This is my favorite topic and I can talk on it for hours. But for now, here are a few tips –

Skin – A clear skin is what we are aiming for.. ALWAYS! Eat fresh fruits and drink lot of water (everyday). Eating right is the key. Junk food will not help you fight that breakout! Scrub and moisturize your skin well. Use only VERY GOOD quality products on your face.

Make-up – Minimalism is the key. Wear make-up only if you are comfortable wearing it and feel confident with it. This is no news that French women like to keep their face natural. Apply foundation only if required. Don’t go overboard. If going for a bold lip look, keep rest of the face neutral.

Hair – Keep them clean and trimmed. Don’t miss your appointments with your hair dresser. Use products which uplift the shine and texture of your hair.
If you have thin hair, long hairstyle is not a good idea (it will make them look more flat). Whatever hairstyle you opt for, it should suit your face and body. Wear your hair with grace!

Nails – Keep them trimmed and polished AT ALL TIMES. A bad manicure or a chipped pedicure is a rare sight on a Parisian woman!

4. Shoes
French women walk a lot. And as a result they wear a lot of flats. They love their ballerinas and moccasins.
Comfort is the key here. Don’t wear cheap and/or uncomfortable shoes. Invest in good quality shoes ONLY.
Switch to heels for night outs and special occasions. Test and try the heel size you are comfortable in.
Don’t wear high heels just for the heck of it!

5. Underwear
Be confident inside and out. Wear well fitted and color coordinated underwear.
Match your inner-wear with your outfit. No visible lines please, thank you.

6. Less is More
You will not see a French woman overdoing on anything. They wear basic colors (black, grey and neutrals)..
I am not saying you should not wear colors (you totally should, in fact I love colors myself)! I am just saying keep it minimum.
There should not be more than three colors in your outfit. It soothes the eye and looks effortless.
Similarly, don’t overdo the jewelry/accessories.
If you are wearing a statement neck piece, skip the earrings.
Likewise, if you are wearing a heavy cuff or watch, keep the other accessories light!

7. Attitude
The most important of all… your attitude matters the most! Be happy with yourself. Love your body, love yourself. Smile often.
Treat yourself with respect. Feel confident in your body. Think of ways to accentuate your features.
Eat good food, exercise hard and stay active! Love life and DON’T EVER GIVE UP!


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Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

10 thoughts on “How to Dress Like French Women in 7 Steps”

  1. This is such a great post with classic tips..its good to reinforce the simple things in life sometimes:-) Love the pictures!
    Hope you got a chance to see my latest post answering some of your interesting questions for the Liebster award…


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