This & That – 4

Long time since I did a ‘This & That’ post. In case, you are wondering where am I lost these days, here are the deets –

  1. If you are following my posts and Facebook/Instagram account, you would know that I recently moved to Washington D.C. with my husband.
  2. As soon as we got an internet connection setup at home, I hopped on the blog to update!
  3. The weather is beyond my imagination here! Last week was OK, but it snowed yesterday and today it’s freeeeezinggg!! Don’t know how am I going to survive this!! (Next project: To buy the warmest coats and jackets possible).
  4. The city is quite nice, lots of cars and people to be seen. Everyone is always on-the-go! (I feel this way since Phoenix was a calmer city)..
  5. I miss Phoenix winters terribly (I love’em).
  6. We are still in the process of settling down (you know the kinds.. unpacking, home set-up and interior decoration etc.)
  7. Our new apartment is great, the view from my bedroom window is spectacular (will share few pictures once we get settled)..
  8. Ahh.. and here I am posting a few pictures which were clicked in Phoenix, just a day before we left for D.C. (I am not wearing any outerwear, just imagine the lovely weather over there)..
  9. And practically I am living in these shoes these days! Best booties EVER. Best for work, evening, shopping – you name it!
  10. Also, while I was editing these pictures, I realized that I recently did another jumpsuit post. (Of course both are my favorites)!

T-shirt: Target | Denim Overalls: Asos | Boots: Crown Vintage | Sunglasses: Borrowed from husband | Watch: Invicta

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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