The A to Z of my life

Thank you for your wishes.. Thought of doing a fun post today! I have come across quite a few bloggers who have done such posts and it’s always fun reading them – cause they are simply random things/thoughts from their life!
Here is my take –A – Ambitious – I am quite ambitious. However, family comes first. Any day!
– Blessed – I believe I am blessed. Blessed to have the best parents, best husband and the best family in the world.
– Cats – They get drawn to me (not sure why).. Read more here
– Dress-up – I am very fond of dressing well. And don’t understand why people these days take dressing up so lightly. Sweatpants/PJs are meant to be worn ONLY inside the four walls of your home!
– Exercise – Yeah baby!! Do I need to say more??

F – Food – More than eating, I love cooking. It’s such a therapeutic activity. It calms me, soothes me and makes me happy!
– God – I believe I have a strong connection with him.
– Health – The MOST important aspect of my life. If you are not rich with health, nothing else matters in your life!
– Inner voice – I always listen to it. And it is never wrong.
– Joy – I find joy in everything and enjoy as much I can. My husband plays a big role in that.. he can make me laugh even when I am fuming with anger!

– Kindness – Just ‘being human’ is all the kindness needed from all of us. That should do it. Sadly these days people are not that in to ‘humanity’..
– Live – I ‘LIVE’ every moment of my life. And when I say ‘LIVE’ I mean every letter of it!
M – Music – It gives me energy, brings a smile on my face! Loving the “I’m happy” song lately..
– No-nonsense – I am a very straight forward person. I say what I feel (with out being rude).
O – Optimistic – I am quite optimistic. To me, everything is POSITIVE or has a positive side.. it all depends on how you look at it!

P – Pictures – I love taking pictures. They speak more than words.. They always take me back to that moment when they were taken! That’s how I re-live the moments whenever I look at my pictures..
Q – Queen – My husband fondly calls me his ‘Queen’. Love hearing it from him 🙂
R – Romantic – I am quite romantic at heart.. I don’t believe in fairy tales though!
S – Sun – I love Sunshine. Days when Sun doesn’t shine, are gray (sad) days for me too.. Boo!!
T – Thai Food – My favorite cuisine of all.. Love Thai Fried Rice!

– Understand – I am not someone who would make perceptions with out understanding the whole situation. I like to know it all before I make a perception about anyone/anything..

– Vacation – Who doesn’t love a vacation? I love how that word sounds! It’s music to my ears..
W – Words – I choose my words very carefully. It’s wise to think before we speak! Hurting someone’s feelings is something I dread..
– Expressive – I am big in expressions. I can’t hide my emotions (even if I want). It’s right there on my face!
Y – Yourself – Believe in yourself. I do. And it always helps!
– Zzzz – I love my beauty sleep..

So.. how was that?? Did you enjoying reading the A to Z of my life?? Share.. Share..


Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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