Fully Vested

Nothing makes me more happy than posting my first post on my own domain! This is surely a milestone in every blogger’s (blogging) life!

Please be informed that you won’t find the Rising Colors on the previous link (risingcolors.blogspot.com) anymore. The new link is RISINGCOLORS.NET.

That being said we can now talk about our today’s post. Since the weather has started playing nice to us, I make sure not to miss any opportunity to go out and have some fun in the sun. In the words of one of my dear friend “It’s so nice outside, it feels like a crime to stay indoors.” (You know who you are, dear friend. I miss you). 🙂

How rightly he said! It definitely feels like I am committing a crime by staying indoors. Anyways.. this is not a weather blog. So no more weather talk. In other news, our marriage anniversary is next month and if everything goes as planned, we are thinking of spending it on a beach-y holiday! It’s been soooo long since we last visited a beach! *Fingers crossed*

Coming to the outfit, this is what I wore on Saturday when we went to Georgetown. I still can’t believe how beautiful my city is! (of course the crazy traffic sucks, but eh.. that doesn’t bother me that much)! I am so grateful to God for everything!

Slippy Slope!
Slippy Slope!
With a cute Elly!
With a cute Elly!
Pause to Pose
Pause to Pose




Outfits Details:

Shirt: JCPenny | Jeans: American Eagle | Denim Vest: Forever 21 | Shoes: Clarks | Bag: Wilsons Leather | Sunglasses: RayBan | Watch: Fossil | Belt: India

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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