6 Ways to Wear Denim

I definitely do not recommend restricting Denim to be worn in the form of pants only. This fabric which was a gift to the mankind by none other than French is actually so, so, so versatile that you would be surprised if you haven’t explored all the amazing possibilities it holds. When I walked down the memory lane of how many times I wore Denim on this blog, I found tons of posts! From those posts, I have compiled a list of few of my favorites, where I have adorned Denim in many different ways other than the usual Shorts, skirt or pants.

As a Dress:
The right one is one of my favorites! I love this wash. It’s Indigo Blue and the stretch is super comfortable. Though I have lost a few pounds since this post, I am sure next time I wear it, I will look different! (Hint: Coming soon on the blog).
Also this skater dress does magic to my waist. During summer, I like to wear it by itself. And coming Fall, I plan to add a pair of printed or sequined leggings to take this dress to a whole new level! Just test and try what works for your body shape!

Denim Dress

Left | Right

Colored Denim:
Don’t just stick to the normal blue and black colors. Thanks to the technology, Denim now comes in sooo many different colors! I can’t say if I have a favorite. But here, I wore these Blue Denim Jeans and this cropped Coral Denim Vest. This White Denim skirt is my other favorite. It’s like a blank canvas, and I can add any color to it which ever way I like!

Colored Denim


Left | Center | Right

As a Vest:
I prefer vests more than jackets during Summer. They not only add a layer, but also make you look like you have taken your time and planned your outfit! Vests add sophistication to your outfit.
Go mad with Denim like I did in this post with the denim skirt and the denim vest. Or just add a denim vest to bring two separates together. Easy-peesy! 😀

Denim Vest


Left | Right

Printed denim:
Just when you thought what more could be done to a simple fabric like Denim, they introduced Printed Denim! I love, love this Jacket of mine. It was a score! Think sequins, embroidery, patch work.. Denim comes with so many add-ons these days. Just pick your favorite and play with it. There is no turning back. 🙂



Link to the full post

As a Shirt:
If you are thinking wearing a Denim shirt is plain boring, then think again my friends! You don’t have to wear a denim shirt the usual way! Try being creative. Try using it as a thin layer. Here I tied my Denim shirt in a knot for a quick coffee run! Or add a scarf, or a hat, or big gaudy earrings!

Denim Shirt

Left | Right

As Overalls:
This is for all you Denim Lovers! If you love wearing Denim too much, then take the Overalls route. They are easy to style, so chic and so comfortable. I love a dark wash unlike many who prefer a lighter wash (though I own both :))! Style them up with heels and red lips or simply go sporty (like I did)!


Link to the full post

So which way do you like to wear Denim? Did I convince you much..?? Let’s talk 🙂

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Author: Ritika Sahni

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