The only tip you need for zit free skin

Zit Free Skin

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You will read lots of magazines, blogs and advertisements about facial products – best cleansers.. moisturizers.. balms.. face oils and what not! Every brand is trying to tell you that their product is the best in the market (duhh..). They even tell you how to use their products – apply all over face… take a pea size amount.. apply this before sunscreen blah.. blah.. But what they do not tell you is that how many bacteria/germs you put on your face with along with all those face products. Do they tell you that? I bet no. Frankly, I haven’t heard/read it anywhere in any advertisements.

Often my readers and friends ask me how do I manage to keep my skin so clean/zit free. Well here is the answer to that – I try ‘my best’ not to transfer any bacteria/germs on my face by myself (you can’t control everything, right!). I don’t get facials done anymore. I don’t let anyone touch my face! The fact is I don’t trust anyone but myself when it comes to my face. So here is the key tip – Before you touch your face, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with an anti-bacterial soap. And in instances when you don’t have the time or the luxury to wash your hands, always (read ‘ALWAYS’) make sure to sanitize your hands using a sanitizer. Always keep a travel sized sanitizer in your bag handy.

No matter how expensive or high quality products you are using on your face, but if you are feeding your face with germs, well nothing is going to help!

That being said don’t touch your face often. And if you still have to, keep the touch minimum using the back of your hand (and not with the fingers or palm). It is because we touch/hold so many things during our day to day life, and we come in contact with so many germs, you would be surprised to see your own hands under a microscope (and you thought they were clean.. huh..?). I am not fussy or anything. I am just a girl who likes to take precaution. I speak from my own experience. Try it and you will see!

Oh and drink at least a gallon of water everyday! 🙂

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