Style Remix: My Favorite Denim Pants

I have said this before and I am repeating again. I am not your typical jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl. It’s just too boring for me! I like to pair my jeans with something interesting.. I have always been like that and will always be. Anyways, that’s a personal choice/style of dressing. Feel free to wear your jeans with t-shirts as much you like! There is nothing wrong in it..

So coming back to our today’s post, I am sharing few of my favorite denim looks which I have shared on the blog before.. I thought it would be fun to look back and realize how much my style has evolved!

Colored Denims

f7408-015(full post) I don’t know why but I gave up these pants a while ago. At that time it seemed the right thing, but now I genuinely miss them! Well.. I like the whole contrast look going here. Don’t you? Also check how I styled these pants here and here. I miss them now! 😦


(full post) Colored Jeans were everywhere then! By ‘then’ I mean around 2 years back. I bought this one from T.J.Maxx and wore the sh*t out of them.. so much that it lost it’s shape and became too loose. I then had to retire them, but I enjoyed while they lasted! P.S. I don’t like the bag in this picture. I would never style that color with this outfit today.


(full post) Ah.. the mighty pastel ones. Mind you – I still have them however, they are sitting at the bottom of my jeans pile right now. Reason being – they are too loose now! Should I be happy or sad about it? Well – mixed feelings. I have lost a good amount of body fat, and these jeans now look like they belonged to my boyfriend (or husband).. but then I wonder why would my boyfriend wear pastel jeans.. Ewwww!! So yeah.. I am not giving up these jeans anytime soon.. even if I don’t wear them anymore.. but who knows.. I may need them in future! 😉 P.S. is there something like too much pink?


(full post) Okay people.. I guess I have owned too many colored denim pants than I initially thought. These ones have to be my favorite.. I mean look at the color. I just love them! I love playing with these jeans.. no matter what I pair them with. they always stand out! Bought these from Levi’s, they fit well, look good.. what else can a girl ask for? Also styled here with a long scarf.

Bootcut/ Flare Style

dsc_02381(full post) Man I love Bootcut style. They are comfortable, walking friendly, they elongate your legs and add curves at the right places. My first choice when I have a long day of errands or city surfing planned. My latest addition in the bootcut category.

Flare Jeans Woolen Scarf

(full post) Flare and bootcut style go hand in hand. If you love one of them, you can’t hate the other! Same goes for me. Unfortunately, both the flare jeans I own are too long in length, which is why I wear them only with heels. I am eagerly waiting for my next trip to India do that I can get them altered from my favorite tailor! Till then – heels only please. Also styled these jeans with a long jacket.

Skinny Fit


(full post) Everyone (at least I know of..) loves the skinny type! They are the most worn and most loved of all the styles.. isn’t it? They make you look slim, are comfortable (if they stretch) and look sexy! Add a pair of sexy heels and you are ready for a night out! There are countless ways of dressing up a skinny pair. It’s like a blank canvas! With out many words, I will let the pictures speak for themselves (for a change!) 😉 Wore them here too.


(full post) Wondering when to shut up! Looks like this post has gone toooo long.. (my blog-my rules)!! Bought these from Zara (India). I still have them, wear them, love them. This picture was taken on my birthday, I was also newly married. The next month after this post, we shifted to U.S. Oh memories.. memories.. Styled it with a sweater here.


(full post) This post would be incomplete without a single mention of the dark wash skinny kind! These were also brought in India. Love the fit and the comfort factor.. specially the color. I try to keep my waist size just right so I could fit in these jeans (imagine how much I love’em!). I don’t want to be skinny.. I love my curves and I love these jeans! Period. All back outfit.

So that’s it. I mean not ‘it’.. I will keep wearing jeans till I am alive. Now shoo you guys..go and play with your jeans.. trust me they are far from boring!

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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