Good skin. Great skin. Clear skin. Glowing skin. It’s all about skin for me lately. When I see people who buy expensive clothes, bags, shoes etc.. and very cheap or low quality skin products, I really cringe! I mean how could you think that bag will make you look good when your skin will speak for itself? How on earth..?? We must take VERY, VERY good care of our skin before this is the first layer of clothing we wear all our life!

Anyhow.. after all the tests and trials, I have finally figured out the key to super awesome skin! And of course how can I not share it with all my lovely readers? Now consider this as a disclaimer (or whatever) – I am NOT wearing any foundation, BB Cream, CC Cream, or tinted moisturizer here. Neither have I touched these pictures (by ‘touch’ I mean ‘Photoshopped’). Just a thin layer of moisturizer and sunscreen (everyday basics). I know, I feel it too.. my skin is looking much more radiant than before as I am quite vulnerable to breakouts, and dark spots etc. But then I was determined to change it. I thought well.. something HAS to work, I must be doing something wrong. I eat good, workout regularly, lead an active and healthy lifestyle, then what must be the reason. Anyways, I changed my skin routine (for the better) and the results have started showing! I will share all that in the next post! Till then, let us leave this post as more of an ‘outfit’ post. 😉

P.S. We clicked these pictures in D.C. this weekend. Yes, I finally made it there.. for the first time after moving to Boston. Oh God.. how much I miss this city. I still call it home!


DSC_0424 DSC_0427

Sweatshirt: Asos | Jeans: Zara | Watch: Fossil

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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