How to Cleanse Skin Properly

This post was long due.. I guess! I keep talking about the importance of acne free and clear skin on the blog and haven’t actually mentioned about what are the do’s and don’ts yet (according to my experiences). Though I did write about my skin routine recently (which keeps changing.. haha)! Please remember the fact that I am not a specialist in any way to claim what is right or wrong. I am only sharing what I have learned from following the advice of doctors, specialists, bloggers etc. and my own personal experiences! But trust me, what I am going to mention below really works. It’s no rocket science, just plain common sense and has worked wonders for me and may also help you! (plus there is no harm in trying, right?). So here it goes –

  1. First and foremost, I strongly suggest you to chuck out all the ‘foaming facewashes/cleansers’ from your bathroom. No matter what kind of skin you have (oily, normal, dry or combination), they do no good if your aim is to have clean, acne/blemish free facial skin. Opt for a cream/non-foaming cleanser instead. Something which doesn’t lather.
  2. Use a muslin cloth to wipe your face after cleaning. Please don’t use the same hand towel which everyone in the family uses after they wash their hands, feet, face etc. Ewww.. That is just plain gross! Always, always and always keep a separate face towel/muslin cloth for your face. Don’t wipe anything else with it, just your face and neck.
  3. Use a different facial cloth every day. Yes, every single day. Just like you shower everyday, eat food everyday, change your underwear everyday! I suggest buying good quality cloths in bulk and using a fresh and clean one everyday. At the end of the week (or whenever you do the laundry), just toss them all together in the washer/dryer and then re-use it. Easy, economic and hygienic.. huh!
  4. Ditch all your make-up cleansing wipes/towelettes. Go old school – use water. No matter how expensive those wipes are, they DO NOT clean your face properly. The best way is to clean your make up is with a good quality make up cleansing balm/oil (something like this).
  5. What if I told you – you haven’t been cleaning your face properly all this time.. all these years? Do you know the sunscreen doesn’t come off with just one wash? (yes, you may feel fresh and clean after lathering your face with a foaming facewash, but in reality it is only stripping your face from the essential oils and not actually cleaning it). I had the same shocking (WTF..??) expression when I first came to know about it. But then, I researched more and it’s actually true. A sunscreen is designed to stay on your face for longer hours. The more SPF the longer it stays. It’s like that water-proof makeup which needs extra attention and effort at the end of the day. So do yourself a favor and start cleansing your face twice in the evenings (or before going to bed). TWICE – yes, you read it right. And no, this won’t dry your skin since you won’t be using a foaming cleanser.
  6. Eye make-up (specially mascara and kohl) doesn’t clean in one cleanse. Specially when it’s water-proof. Use a water-proof eye makeup remover. Make sure it’s all off at the end of the day before applying your eye/facial creams. There is nothing worse than left over makeup. It only looks good in magazines (where they suggest to leave the eye-makeup on and wake up with a smudged look). But in reality it’s just plain gross, unclean and bad for your pores. So clean it ladies!
  7. Scrub those lips. Don’t just keep applying chapsticks and lipsticks on and on.. Scrub your lips at least twice in a week (thrice if you wear mostly red lipsticks). Moisturize your lips after scrubbing, it will prep them to look soft and plump!

These changes in my routine have really made huge difference in my skin tone and texture (which by the way feels like a baby’s bum these days.. no kidding – check the picture below)! Oh my god, I have so much more to talk about! So in the next beauty talk post, I will document a step by step procedure of properly cleaning the skin. Deal?

Till then.. have fun (and start looking up for cream/non-foaming cleansers).

How to cleanse skin properly


Author: Ritika Sahni

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