Review: Korres Lip Butter

Korres Lip Butter Plum

What: Korres Lip Butter (Plum)

Packaging: It comes in a cute small white colored jar. The color of the lid varies with the shade of the lip butter. I actually like the maroon and white color combination!

Review: It’s a lip butter with a tint. I bought the plum shade, but they are also available in many other shades like pomegranate, jasmine, quince, wild rose, mango etc. Choose the one you like. It’s a good lip butter and gives a nice subtle hint of color when applied. When applied, it makes my lips look naturally dark pink. The only drawback is that neither the color nor the balm stay on lips for more than 2 hours or so. The good part is that my lips do not feel dry or chapped when this product dries out. They feel soft. But yes, I can live without it and may not buy this again.

How I use it: I use it everyday in the morning. And apply it every 3 – 4 hours or whenever I have to look presentable but do not have the time to apply a lipstick. I keep it handy in my bag.

Price: It’s available for 12 USD. Buy it here.

Pros: Subtle hint of color

Cons: Does not last longer than 2 hours

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Author: Ritika Sahni

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