5 Short Hair Misconceptions

short hair

I am not going to lie when I say getting a short haircut is a bold step! Really bold. I did it and have never regretted. Though sometimes I miss a good ponytail or a bun, but then I enjoy my short hair more often than not. But yes, with short comes a lot of misconceptions. Today I am talking about what people think of short hairstyles and how untrue these conceptions are.

  • Short hair means low maintenance – Wrong, wrong, wrong. Like seriously.. who said short hair need no/low maintenance? Do you know we (short haired people) need to get our hair trimmed every 4 -5 weeks (no matter what)! Or they start looking just out of shape. We can’t just wash our hair and head out the door.. specially in case of frizzy/curly hair. I need to apply anti-frizz serum, comb through fingers and what not! Short hair definitely need more ‘love’.
  • Looks boyish – Oh common.. now do I look boyish from any angle? Unless that is what you are aiming for! Your body type, posture, choice of clothes and accessories make all the difference.
  • Takes forever to grow back – Actually, it’s the opposite! I get a haircut every 5 weeks – no exceptions! Since I have cut them short, they have been growing so, so fast – I can’t tell you! Just ask my hair dresser – she will tell you how sick she is of seeing me so often! 😉
  • Only few face shapes can pull it off – I won’t say this is completely wrong. But still this is wrong up to 90% percent.. Unless you have a very, very big face (by which I mean full on chubby cheeks, a double chin and a big nose), you can embrace any kind of short hairstyle you like! It’s always better to consult with your hairstylist. They will always tell you what will work on your face. But what the heck girls!! If you love a hairstyle so much.. just go for it! Life is too short to think about what others will think or say..
  • Lesbian hairstyle – Haha.. now this had me cracking! Having short hair in no way means you are a lesbian. And even if you are, who cares? It’s your life! Tomorrow they will say wearing pants means you are a lesbian, so will you stop wearing pants too? And anyways, people who say/believe such nonsense do not deserve our attention, right?

Do you have more to add? Be my guest!

P.S. Did you know this is my 301st post! Now I am sure, I can blab about anything.. Yikes.. 😀

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

9 thoughts on “5 Short Hair Misconceptions”

  1. When I saw the title I was hoping the “low maintenance” myth was on here. I have had all kinds of bobs and they all take just as much time and energy to keep up as when my hair was longer, especially when I’m growing my hair out. LOL


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