All about Sunscreens


Sunscreens can be tricky, if you don’t know what to look for when buying one. In this post, I am drafting all that I know about sunscreens. Again – this is based on my personal experiences, what my dermatologist suggested me and what I have learned through blogs etc. Please consult your doctor if you have skin issues before changing anything major in your skincare regime.

Sunscreens are very, very, very, very (add 5 more) important. You do not want to skip applying a sunscreen before heading out.

  • Make sure to buy a sunscreen which provides both UVA and UVB protection. Certain sunscreens also call it ‘Broad Spectrum’ which is also the same thing.
  • UVA and UVB – Still not sure what is the difference between UVA and UVB rays? Well, UVA rays make your skin age faster; they harm your skin in the long run. So you may not see wrinkles and dark spots popping on your face overnight, but know that the damage is being done. However, UVB rays harm the skin instantly (think skin burn, redness, rashes etc.). Hence you need protection from both which is why you need to choose your sunscreen smartly. Indian (brown) skin tones (like mine) are more prone to damage by UVA rays; however if you have white skin – well  I am sorry to say, both UVA and UVB are your enemies.
  • Don’t rely on moisturizers containing SPF. Because usually they only protect from UVB, it’s like protecting just half way. For that matter, don’t rely on any makeup item which ‘also contains SPF’ in it. This is a selling gimmick – like an added benefit! Think this way – You can’t just drink tea/coffee thinking the water in it will suffice the water requirement of your body. You still ‘need’ to drink water. Pure, plain, simple water to quench your thirst. In the same way – your skin needs good old, authentic sunscreen, not some foundation or moisturizer which ‘also contains’ SPF.
  • Apply generously – You can’t get away with just a tiny drop of sunscreen. Make sure to apply it generously covering your face, neck and ears. And then blend it nicely as some sunscreens leave a thin white film on the skin which if not blended, looks quite ‘cakey’.
  • Its for everyone. {Men – *I am looking at you*} You need sunscreens too. You have skin just like us women do and need sun protection, unless you love wrinkles, dark spots with dry and patchy skin! I know men tend to be lazy and sometimes ignorant when it comes to skincare. Anyhow, ladies if you can convince your male friends/brothers/fathers/husbands etc. to use proper sunscreen, that would be great! The best way is to just buy and simply gift it to them. 😉
  • Re-stock it. Buy a new one every year. As other skincare products, this also expires and should be replaced timely. Please don’t keep using the same old tube which you bought 3 years ago!

In another post, I will share my favorite sunscreens! Till then.. take good care..

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Author: Ritika Sahni

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