I am not sure if I am ever going to go back to long hair. Yes, I did mention before.. on this very blog.. that I was growing my hair out, but looks like, I don’t have the patience or interest for it anymore! I just enjoy the freedom of short hair! I feel more like myself..!
Anyways, we went to visit the Statue of Liberty this weekend (this is what I wore the last time I went there). It was a hot, hot Saturday in New York. Living in Boston has really made me sensitive to hot weather. Surprisingly, I have become quite comfortable with the ‘Boston weather’ (which is not too hot or too cold – ok may be a little cold in the evenings). I am surprised because I always believed (still do!) that I was (am!) a ‘summer person’ and can bear any amount of heat no matter what! It seems change is inevitable.

Since I knew it was going to be a hot day, I wore a breezy green polka dot dress. And added white colored accessories with light gold jewelry keeping the summer theme in mind. I like less accessories and that is exactly what I did here too. This is a year old dress which I bought from an outlet store, hence I am sorry if it’s not available anymore!

P.S. I just noticed the very subtle definition in my arms (or should I say biceps?).. Looks like all the bicep curl reps are finally showing results(last pic)! 😀

DSC_0524 DSC_0527 DSC_0528 DSC_0531

Dress: Loft outlet | Sandals: Aldo | Sunglasses: Forever 21 | Watch: Fossil

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

One thought on “Liberty”

  1. I can relate about the long hair…Right now mine is the longest it has ever been, and I swear, every time I comb it out I threaten to cut it all off!

    I really like how the studs on your sandals play off of the polka dots on your dress! I bet NY is lovely this time of year. Silly me, I went in February!!


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