Hair Transformation

I am considered quite ‘brave’ in my family when it comes to hair! No wonder why they believe that! But trust me, I don’t overthink about my hair. If something comes to my mind, I just do it (with out thinking too much of ‘what if’, ‘what happens next’, ‘what will others say’, ‘is it right’, ‘will it look good’). I usually answer all these questions AFTER I am done with what I wanted to do. Then the answers become easy, you see!! 🙂

Today I am taking a step back and looking at my hair transformation. Over the years, I have tried so many hairstyles, hair lengths, that even I can’t count! Let the pictures speak for themselves…

Hair Evolution, 1

July 2011 – Thanks to my mum, I have had long and thick tresses since childhood! But it was boring, because they were too thick (I couldn’t make a plait, or a bun or anything.. they were too frizzy and Indian humidity was my worst enemy)! I used to simply tie them up in a pony and that was it.. ughh..!!

Oct 2011 – I tried fringes (didn’t like it), or let’s say I had too many hair to manage a fringe..

Hair Evolution, 2

Oct 2012The first time I cut them this short. Everyone in my circle was shocked! But you know me.. I didn’t care even then! 😉

Jan – June 2013 – I tried different lengths to see what suits more on my face. I was living in Phoenix then, where there was no humidity, which really worked in favor of my (frizzy) hair type.

Oct 2013 – I started growing them out.. By then, I was done with bob length! Ha!

Hair Evolution, 3

Feb 2014 – I was able to tie them up by this time! But after a while, this became boring too.. Plus I moved to the east coast and the humidity wasn’t helping either!

June 2014 – I went back to short hair.. but this time it was a long pixie (inspired from Mandira Bedi)! Again, something different that I never tried before.. And honestly, I loved the first two months. Then the hair started growing out, and it wasn’t pretty..!!

Sept 2014 – I grew my hair a little and then went back to a short bob (to get rid of the grown out pixie – it was a weird hair length, trust me)!

Nov 2014I tried highlights.. and LOVED it!! (I may do that again)!!

Hair Evolution, 4

June 2015 – I moved to Boston in early 2015. I kept growing my hair and also colored them black again (since the highlights were fading and the roots kept growing).

July 2015 – Went back to bob length again.. (my mom says bob haircut looks the best on me, what do you think?)..

Aug – Sept 2015 – Pixie here I come! Never in my life I dreamt of going this short -EVER! But I did it, just to see how it looks on me.. And frankly I LOVE it.. I may stick to it for a while (let’s see)!!

So what next then?? I don’t know yet, but you will know when I know. 😀


Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

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