Love Your Body

If there is one thing in particular, that you might not have seen me wearing on the blog (like EVER) – it’s anything off-shoulders. I’ve always had heavy breasts (since my early twenties), which is why I never had the courage of wearing anything off the shoulders. (I also wrote a post on this topic a few years ago). I was afraid that my body won’t do justice to this style, or I would look funny, or what will people think. Guess what? I was wrong. So, so wrong. Look at me now! You might be wondering what changed?
Well, I gave birth. That is what changed. All the insecurities I ever had over my body – all went down the drain – just like that! I do not care anymore what others think of my body or how do my arms or my stomach looks in a particular dress. The only thing matters to me now is that ‘I’ should be satisfied with my clothing, ‘I’ should feel comfortable in it, ‘I’ should like it, ‘I’ should feel fit,. In short, ‘I’ am all that matters.
To think of it, this body created a life, survived a Cesarean section (yes, I had one), went through all the post operation trauma, breastfed and still survived. Isn’t it wonderful? And all I cared before was that my breasts were too curvy, well breaking news!! Now, they sag too. And on the contrary, I am even more grateful to my body – because it’s feeding my baby. And I fully accept the fact that my body has changed FOREVER. This realization is what made me strong. Now if I want to wear an off-shoulder dress or any other damn thing, you bet I’ll wear it!


Dress: Target | Panama Hat: Target | Sandals: Aldo

Author: Ritika Sahni

Wife. Mother. Blogger. Coffee lover. Fitness Freak. People watcher. Beauty admirer. To sum up - I'm high on life..!

One thought on “Love Your Body”

  1. Hola Ritika, estás preciosa y el vestido que has elegido para el post te hace muy atractiva. Te otorga un look caribeño, o como decimos en mi tierra, un look mediterráneo.
    Me alegro que hayas decidido optar por un estilo de hombros descubiertos, siempre los has tenido muy bonitos. Además, has sido muy valiente al decir que aceptas tu cuerpo tal y como es.
    Contar tu historia, con tus inseguridades, como la preocupación de que tus pechos eran demasiado curvy, muestra la persona más cercana y sensible que conozco.
    Eres una mamá bonita y atractiva. Tu marido es muy afortunado de tenerte a su lado y estoy seguro que eres la mejor mamá del mundo para tu bebé.
    Gracias por continuar tu trabajo publicando tu estilo.
    Voy a intentar escribirte este comentario en tu idioma, no sé inglés pero lo intentaré:

    Dear Ritika, are beautiful and the dress that have selected for the post does you very attractive. Awards you a caribeño look, or as we say in my earth, a Mediterranean look.
    I cheer me that you have decided to choose for a style of expositions shoulders, always have had them very pretty. Moreover, you have been very fine when saying that it accept your body such and in any way whatever.
    Counting your history, with your insecurities, as the preoccupation that your chests were too curvy, shows the more near person and sensitive that I know.
    You are a pretty and attractive mamma. Your husband is very fortunate of having you to your side and am sure that it are the best mamma of the world for your baby.
    Thanks for continuing your work by publishing your style.


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