Hair Transformation

I am considered quite ‘brave’ in my family when it comes to hair! No wonder why they believe that! But trust me, I don’t overthink about my hair. If something comes to my mind, I just do it (with out thinking too much of ‘what if’, ‘what happens next’, ‘what will others say’, ‘is it right’, ‘will it look good’). I usually answer all these questions AFTER I am done with what I wanted to do. Then the answers become easy, you see!! 🙂

Today I am taking a step back and looking at my hair transformation. Over the years, I have tried so many hairstyles, hair lengths, that even I can’t count! Let the pictures speak for themselves…

Hair Evolution, 1

July 2011 – Thanks to my mum, I have had long and thick tresses since childhood! But it was boring, because they were too thick (I couldn’t make a plait, or a bun or anything.. they were too frizzy and Indian humidity was my worst enemy)! I used to simply tie them up in a pony and that was it.. ughh..!!

Oct 2011 – I tried fringes (didn’t like it), or let’s say I had too many hair to manage a fringe..

Hair Evolution, 2

Oct 2012The first time I cut them this short. Everyone in my circle was shocked! But you know me.. I didn’t care even then! 😉

Jan – June 2013 – I tried different lengths to see what suits more on my face. I was living in Phoenix then, where there was no humidity, which really worked in favor of my (frizzy) hair type.

Oct 2013 – I started growing them out.. By then, I was done with bob length! Ha!

Hair Evolution, 3

Feb 2014 – I was able to tie them up by this time! But after a while, this became boring too.. Plus I moved to the east coast and the humidity wasn’t helping either!

June 2014 – I went back to short hair.. but this time it was a long pixie (inspired from Mandira Bedi)! Again, something different that I never tried before.. And honestly, I loved the first two months. Then the hair started growing out, and it wasn’t pretty..!!

Sept 2014 – I grew my hair a little and then went back to a short bob (to get rid of the grown out pixie – it was a weird hair length, trust me)!

Nov 2014I tried highlights.. and LOVED it!! (I may do that again)!!

Hair Evolution, 4

June 2015 – I moved to Boston in early 2015. I kept growing my hair and also colored them black again (since the highlights were fading and the roots kept growing).

July 2015 – Went back to bob length again.. (my mom says bob haircut looks the best on me, what do you think?)..

Aug – Sept 2015 – Pixie here I come! Never in my life I dreamt of going this short -EVER! But I did it, just to see how it looks on me.. And frankly I LOVE it.. I may stick to it for a while (let’s see)!!

So what next then?? I don’t know yet, but you will know when I know. 😀



I feel so liberated. So free. So much comfortable. Now I wonder why did I never ever cut my hair this short before! May be I wasn’t too sure if I would look good.. But then, one day I thought, who cares if it looks good or not, I like short hair, (I literally stare at women with short hair.. admiring them), I want it and so I am going to get it. Nobody can stop me. And then rest is history.

Well, to be honest, I am still getting used to looking in the mirror and seeing myself like this (not that I don’t like it, in fact I love it)! Though I know that I look totally different now. It;s funny that I still dream of myself with bob length hair. It happens, you know… your mind takes it’s own time to memorize a face/image. It doesn’t happen that quick!
Umm.. just like you always picture your old school friends the way they looked back in school. No matter, if they are married now, have kids, look different, gained weight or lost hair… when you close your eyes and think of them, you (most often than not) would imagine them just like they looked back then (unless you meet them regularly and seen their physical appearance transition in front of you). Well, that is because that image is kind of printed in your memory. Undoubtedly, I need to memorize my own hair, or else I won’t recognize if I ever saw myself in a dream 😉

On the outfit front, this blouse is old and so are the shorts. These shorts are 4 years old actually, and they were sitting in the ‘give away’ pile for almost 2 years because they didn’t fit me anymore, but for some reason I never gave them away. That day, I was going through my ‘give away’ pile to see if something catches my interest (again..!!) and found these shorts. I thought, ehh.. there is no harm in giving them a try one last time and guess what – they fit!!! Now, they are back in my closet 🙂

Doesn’t if feel awesome when a pair of old jeans/dress/ fit again?!! #winwin

Pixie, Oversized top, Denim shorts. 1 Pixie, Oversized top, Denim shorts, 2 Pixie, Oversized top, Denim shorts, 3 Pixie, Oversized top, Denim shorts, 4

Top: Gap (old) | Shorts: Old Navy | Sandals: Steve Madden | Bag: Coach | Watch: Fossil

Pixie Love

In case you are thinking, and even if you are not, let me tell what was my inspiration for a pixie haircut. It wasn’t just one person – but all the below ladies who sport a pixie with confidence!

And trust me, it’s just hair – they grow back! At least that’s how I look at it. And since I have got a pixie, I feel everything I wear looks chic.. Wait for some new outfit posts (working on it)..!!

P.S. It’s TGIF kinda day for me today. I am going on a 10 day long vacation to hubby land and we have a big family get together planned!


All images : Pinterest

I got a Pixie!

I got a pixie cut (finally)! Well, for my blog readers this is old news as I posted a picture on my Instagram last week already! I believe in simply doing something that you really want to do. I don’t think about what ‘others’ would say or think. The only way I we stay calm and happy is when we zone out the world. Yes, my loved ones matter, but they are the only ones that matter. And they always encourage me to do what ‘I’ want to do. Anyways.. enough gyan for a Monday morning!

Sharing a few shameless selfies which I have been clicking since I got this new haircut. Frankly speaking, for the first two days (after getting the cut) I regretted cutting them so short. I had mixed feelings and was unsure, since I have never ever cut them so short! But on the third day, I looked in to the mirror and thought – well this could work out. And I have been loving it since then!

In my next post, I will write the pros of getting a pixie (trust me, you would want to read it). 😉


Clicked this one 10 minutes after I got the haircut. Fresh (and unsure)!


Fresh out of the shower – no product – no blow dry! Au naturale..


A simple rolled inwards look.


Ready to leave for work. 1930’s finger wave style 🙂


Casual Friday..


Weekend look!


The wind-swept fohawk look. Trust me when I say my hair have a mind (and mood) of their own!


Just throwing in a hand there, if you got bored of my face profile 😛


This one’s from yesterday! Have a fun week folks..

So, who said styling short hair is boring.. or you can’t do much with it? Let them come see me 😉