Style Remix: My Favorite Denim Pants

I have said this before and I am repeating again. I am not your typical jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl. It’s just too boring for me! I like to pair my jeans with something interesting.. I have always been like that and will always be. Anyways, that’s a personal choice/style of dressing. Feel free to wear your jeans with t-shirts as much you like! There is nothing wrong in it..

So coming back to our today’s post, I am sharing few of my favorite denim looks which I have shared on the blog before.. I thought it would be fun to look back and realize how much my style has evolved!

Colored Denims

f7408-015(full post) I don’t know why but I gave up these pants a while ago. At that time it seemed the right thing, but now I genuinely miss them! Well.. I like the whole contrast look going here. Don’t you? Also check how I styled these pants here and here. I miss them now! 😦


(full post) Colored Jeans were everywhere then! By ‘then’ I mean around 2 years back. I bought this one from T.J.Maxx and wore the sh*t out of them.. so much that it lost it’s shape and became too loose. I then had to retire them, but I enjoyed while they lasted! P.S. I don’t like the bag in this picture. I would never style that color with this outfit today.


(full post) Ah.. the mighty pastel ones. Mind you – I still have them however, they are sitting at the bottom of my jeans pile right now. Reason being – they are too loose now! Should I be happy or sad about it? Well – mixed feelings. I have lost a good amount of body fat, and these jeans now look like they belonged to my boyfriend (or husband).. but then I wonder why would my boyfriend wear pastel jeans.. Ewwww!! So yeah.. I am not giving up these jeans anytime soon.. even if I don’t wear them anymore.. but who knows.. I may need them in future! 😉 P.S. is there something like too much pink?


(full post) Okay people.. I guess I have owned too many colored denim pants than I initially thought. These ones have to be my favorite.. I mean look at the color. I just love them! I love playing with these jeans.. no matter what I pair them with. they always stand out! Bought these from Levi’s, they fit well, look good.. what else can a girl ask for? Also styled here with a long scarf.

Bootcut/ Flare Style

dsc_02381(full post) Man I love Bootcut style. They are comfortable, walking friendly, they elongate your legs and add curves at the right places. My first choice when I have a long day of errands or city surfing planned. My latest addition in the bootcut category.

Flare Jeans Woolen Scarf

(full post) Flare and bootcut style go hand in hand. If you love one of them, you can’t hate the other! Same goes for me. Unfortunately, both the flare jeans I own are too long in length, which is why I wear them only with heels. I am eagerly waiting for my next trip to India do that I can get them altered from my favorite tailor! Till then – heels only please. Also styled these jeans with a long jacket.

Skinny Fit


(full post) Everyone (at least I know of..) loves the skinny type! They are the most worn and most loved of all the styles.. isn’t it? They make you look slim, are comfortable (if they stretch) and look sexy! Add a pair of sexy heels and you are ready for a night out! There are countless ways of dressing up a skinny pair. It’s like a blank canvas! With out many words, I will let the pictures speak for themselves (for a change!) 😉 Wore them here too.


(full post) Wondering when to shut up! Looks like this post has gone toooo long.. (my blog-my rules)!! Bought these from Zara (India). I still have them, wear them, love them. This picture was taken on my birthday, I was also newly married. The next month after this post, we shifted to U.S. Oh memories.. memories.. Styled it with a sweater here.


(full post) This post would be incomplete without a single mention of the dark wash skinny kind! These were also brought in India. Love the fit and the comfort factor.. specially the color. I try to keep my waist size just right so I could fit in these jeans (imagine how much I love’em!). I don’t want to be skinny.. I love my curves and I love these jeans! Period. All back outfit.

So that’s it. I mean not ‘it’.. I will keep wearing jeans till I am alive. Now shoo you guys..go and play with your jeans.. trust me they are far from boring!

How to Boost Your Immunity System

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are currently experiencing freezing temperatures lately in Virginia.. or may be in all the 50 states of U.S.! This makes me shiver..errr..!!

We can’t fight nature.. can we? So what else can we do – Protect Ourselves from the extremities That’s all we can do. These days I hear a lot of people suffering from common cold, cough and sinus attacks etc! We must learn to keep our immune system strong so that we don’t fall sick so easily. Today’s post will talk about how can we boost our immunity system. It actually starts with adopting good eating habits and the way we live our lives. Poor diet and poor sleep habits are known to be the two biggest factors behind the depletion of our immunity system. Some doctors say stress is another factor, but I believe stress further leads to poor diet and sleeping habits which again brings us back to the initial first two reasons.

When we talk about poor eating habits – we are basically talking about not taking all the nutrients in sufficient manner. And among all the nutrients, protein tops the chart! This goes specially to my vegetarian friends who unknowingly tend to neglect protein in their diets. Did you know that adults should eat at least 50 grams of protein on a daily basis? And it’s not necessary that this protein should come only from meat. You can equally enjoy your lentils, beans, eggs, walnuts, and almonds etc.

We must also deliberately eat antioxidant rich foods. They also help us in keeping our immune system in good shape!

Then comes cleanliness. In winters, we tend to stay away from cold water.. and while doing this we actually don’t clean germs/bacteria etc. from our hands/face etc. which may further result in a common cold attack! So keep yourself clean. Wash your hands at least thrice daily (with an anti-bacterial soap).

Doctors also recommend to keep our nasal passages clear and healthy since illness starts in the nose and sinuses. Therefore, we should take a steam therapy a few times a week. It’s quite easy! Boil a pot of water, let it steam and then cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam for several minutes to clean out your nasal passage and drain your sinuses. This can help prevent sinusitis and bronchitis.

God forbid, if you still get sick, you will get better faster if you keep eating healthy! We tend to stop eating or eat less when we get ill because we lose our appetite. But that actually makes the situation worse. When we don’t eat, we are actually giving an upper hand to viruses. So keep eating all the healthy home made good food and you shall feel better. Don’t forget to balance your food with all the nutrients.

Below are a few ‘Superfoods‘ that help in strengthening our immune system –

Broccoli – Rich in antioxidants such as beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A

Citrus Fruits – Winters are loaded with oranges, grapefruit and tangerines. Load up!

Walnuts and Almonds – You just need a handful of these daily. They are rich in protein and vitamin A

Berries – Blueberries and Strawberries are my personal favorites

Green tea and Coffee – They both consist of polyphenols. This is an antioxidant which may help in fighting illness. But don’t go overboard.. specially with coffee.

Mushrooms – Available all round the year! Add them to salads, make a curry of just saute’ em.

Spinach – Raw or cooked, it’s one of best sources of folic acid (I love Indian spinach breads aka palak-parantha)

Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin and Carrots – The orange foods will do more good to you than you know!

And then last but not the least – Exercise. Exercising makes your heart strong. It makes YOU strong both physucally and mentally. You won’t feel the need of always laying in the bed or doubling up the blankets!

Go for a run outside. Breathe in that cold air. Your lungs NEED it. That will make you STRONG. Your body needs to get used to the cold. Don’t fear form the cold. Embrace it.

So are you ready to fight winters with me?

6 Ways to Wear Denim

I definitely do not recommend restricting Denim to be worn in the form of pants only. This fabric which was a gift to the mankind by none other than French is actually so, so, so versatile that you would be surprised if you haven’t explored all the amazing possibilities it holds. When I walked down the memory lane of how many times I wore Denim on this blog, I found tons of posts! From those posts, I have compiled a list of few of my favorites, where I have adorned Denim in many different ways other than the usual Shorts, skirt or pants.

As a Dress:
The right one is one of my favorites! I love this wash. It’s Indigo Blue and the stretch is super comfortable. Though I have lost a few pounds since this post, I am sure next time I wear it, I will look different! (Hint: Coming soon on the blog).
Also this skater dress does magic to my waist. During summer, I like to wear it by itself. And coming Fall, I plan to add a pair of printed or sequined leggings to take this dress to a whole new level! Just test and try what works for your body shape!

Denim Dress

Left | Right

Colored Denim:
Don’t just stick to the normal blue and black colors. Thanks to the technology, Denim now comes in sooo many different colors! I can’t say if I have a favorite. But here, I wore these Blue Denim Jeans and this cropped Coral Denim Vest. This White Denim skirt is my other favorite. It’s like a blank canvas, and I can add any color to it which ever way I like!

Colored Denim


Left | Center | Right

As a Vest:
I prefer vests more than jackets during Summer. They not only add a layer, but also make you look like you have taken your time and planned your outfit! Vests add sophistication to your outfit.
Go mad with Denim like I did in this post with the denim skirt and the denim vest. Or just add a denim vest to bring two separates together. Easy-peesy! 😀

Denim Vest


Left | Right

Printed denim:
Just when you thought what more could be done to a simple fabric like Denim, they introduced Printed Denim! I love, love this Jacket of mine. It was a score! Think sequins, embroidery, patch work.. Denim comes with so many add-ons these days. Just pick your favorite and play with it. There is no turning back. 🙂



Link to the full post

As a Shirt:
If you are thinking wearing a Denim shirt is plain boring, then think again my friends! You don’t have to wear a denim shirt the usual way! Try being creative. Try using it as a thin layer. Here I tied my Denim shirt in a knot for a quick coffee run! Or add a scarf, or a hat, or big gaudy earrings!

Denim Shirt

Left | Right

As Overalls:
This is for all you Denim Lovers! If you love wearing Denim too much, then take the Overalls route. They are easy to style, so chic and so comfortable. I love a dark wash unlike many who prefer a lighter wash (though I own both :))! Style them up with heels and red lips or simply go sporty (like I did)!


Link to the full post

So which way do you like to wear Denim? Did I convince you much..?? Let’s talk 🙂

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How to Style Peplum

Sometimes taking the ‘over-sized’ route is a GREAT idea. It can do wonders to your look. Don’t worry about the size or the extra fabric. Just learn to play with it.. and enjoy it. I managed to pen down a few super easy styling tips with regards to Peplum –

  • Cinch it for that ‘slim waist’ definition! Orrrr.. just let it hang and swing. Enjoy the room and the extra comfort 🙂
  • Balance out the proportions. Wear something form-fitting underneath. Kind of like a bodycon skirt (like I did here) or skinny pants or leggings (check this previous post of mine)!
  • Wear nice heels or flats depending on your comfort level (both look good actually). I prefer heels though!
  • Try to stay away from sneakers. Personally, I don’t like dressing up a Peplum top with sneakers/sport shoes.
  • Accessorize – You may wear a big belt or a nice scarf. Or even both! Just try not to over-do it.
  • Wear nice statement jewelry if you can! It usually brings out the dressed up look more.. I am personally biased towards statement earrings! How about you??

Oh and please don’t hesitate to add more to the list! I look forward to hear how you like to style your Peplum tops and dresses.

P.S. Remember when I bought this smock dress two sizes big. TOTALLY worth it!! Well I did the same mistake thing again. I bought this lovely Peplum top one size big and man I love the print and style!

Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Outfit Details: Top: Asos | Skirt: Asos | Shoes: Sole Society | Belt: Target | Earrings: Random | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

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