Sun and Me

All this sunshine is finally in my city! It was hot yesterday. Even though it was a Sunday, people were out like it was a national holiday or something. Roads were so crowded, so were the metro trains, the markets, parks.. I never knew so many people were hibernating in Boston! Only now I know Boston is so crowded.. hahaha!!

Well, I embrace the sun and never complain that it’s too hot, because I long for summers (since I moved to  the east coast). I had an awesome weekend, and I also have an awesome vacation coming up.. and honestly I am becoming quite impatient now! Just. Can’t. Wait.

DSC_0826 DSC_0819 DSC_0834 DSC_0843

Top: H&M | Jeans: Loft | Bag: Wilsons Leather | Shoes: Nike

Riding Pants

Time passes very slowly when you are eagerly waiting for something to happen, isn’t it? Patience is the key – I know.. I know.. But sometimes you really want to know what’s going to happen or when it is going to happen! I could really use ‘Aladdin’s Jin’ right about now. 😀

I have owned these pants for more than six months now, however never posted an outfit on the blog wearing them! They are super high waist and very stretchable pants. Also they fit like a glove. Anyhow.. as they say better late than never. These pictures were clicked on a very gloomy day hence the bright lip color. I normally opt for nudes or muted pinks when it comes to lipsticks, but today I really wanted the make-up to stand out since the outfit colors were blending with the background.

Don’t you think that all I need now is a horse and a whip! 😛

Pants: American Apparel | Top: Polo Ralph Lauren | Vest: Arizona Jeans via JCPenny | Shoes: Clarks

Make Your Own Summer

I am done with winter dressing {I mean mentally (obviously duhh..)… In reality, it’s going to snow this week.. 😦 }.. Anyways.. as they say.. you need to make your world beautiful using your own two little hands.. And keeping that saying in mind, I choose not to dress up in more boring colors! Vivid colors are not just for spring and summer.. right! By simply tweaking your summer clothes, adding layers or throwing on a winter accessory will make it all worthwhile. Frankly, summer clothes paired with winter accessories look! Don’t you think?

Today I am wearing this beautiful floral white button down dress. This dress is made up of pure cotton, but it’s thick cotton and hence, if layered well, this dress saves me from the bone-chilling winter breeze. I added blue tights and a beret in the same color to make the outfit look a little put together. The leather jacket and boots add a little bit of ‘edge’ to this girly outfit and makes it more winter season appropriate. And yes, my friends let the sun not fool you.. it was quite cold.. the sun is just a mirage of summer 😉

Leather Jacket: Wilson’s Leather | Dress: Levi’s | Leggings: India | Boots: Off Broadway | Sunglasses/Beret: Forever 21

Like a Gilmore

Remember when I mentioned we were binge watching Gilmore Girls (on Netflix)? Well we are now on to the last season of the series and dare I say I am hooked to Lorelai Gilmore’s style. She is always dressed up in these amazing fitting bootcut/flare trousers (or jeans). I have never seen her wearing skinny jeans/trousers through the entire TV series. And let’s not forget about the blazers and jackets she pairs with her trousers. They are well structured and well tailored. What’s not to love! And when she is not wearing trousers she dresses up in lovely figure flattering dresses. No wonder I am quite inspired with her wardrobe. And yes, she always has a bold lipstick on!

Today I am trying to recreate a ‘Lorelai Gilmore’ staple outfit – a well fitted pair of bootcut jeans, a sweater and a leather jacket. A bold lip, nice bag and a good pair of shoes! That – my friends is called a Lorelai Gilmore outfit.  (You may search more on Google if not sure what I am talking about 😉 )

Also throwing a few pictures of my latest lady love!

P.S. I know I’m late in the game.. but who cares! Plus.. better late than never..!! 😉

Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls

Leather Jacket: Wilsons Leather | Sweater: Gap (very similar) | Jeans: Calvin Klein | Bag: Coach | Shoes: Franco Sarto