Pink all over

Isin’t this pink dress cute? I find it super cute and girly.

Wore this dress on the third day of our trip while out to visit an ancient temple, and then travel to Binsar (our next destination).
The sun was powerful that day but who cares, when you are on a vacation, and have a nice strong sunscreen on your face, a cotton dress on your body, and last but not the least, a super sweetheart spouse by your side! Well, that was over the top! (No ?)

And yes, that flower you see, was plucked and gifted to me by GM (that’s what I call him sometimes, which are initials of his name. Full name being Gaurav Mahendru).
So, you can figure out from my face and epxressions, how happy and gay was I! Never wanted to be back.
Well, now I am back, so let’s enjoy the pictutres and remember the good times.


Dress: Pantaloons, Gifted by mom
Shoes: Stilettos, New Delhi
Bag: Wilson Leather
Sunnies: Aldo
Watch: Michael Kors
Wrist band: Local vendor, New Delhi
Earrings & Necklace: Gifted by husband
Pink Rose Flower: Ofcourse, gifted by husband


In Style

Flea market days are fun! So it was a Saturday yesterday. And I went to Connaught Place (in New Delhi) for some street shopping. And I got some nice hoop earrings, which I can’t wait more to wear soon.

My dress acted like a boon yesterday, as it was super light and super comfortable. I picked it up from Macy’s last year when it was on sale. I did not feel the heat at all (okay, it was super-hot, but bearable to me – thanks to my dress)!
Then, I thought why not put a cherry on top! A Fedora it is! Did I tell you how much I love Fedora’s. I love love love them. It glams up any outfit instantly.

And the print on my dress is busy, very busy. I like it. Nice colors and print. As it was not a tight dress, I ate so much of street food last night, but can you make that out from my dress! Nope! That’s the point of wearing such a flowy dress. Eat as much as you want and the swollen tummy does not show up!

So, my dear lovelies, what do you think of my dress. Drop those lovely comments below. Follow me on Bloglovin and Facebook (I definitely, exchange the love). Try it!

P.S. I also had ice-cream in the end. Just thought of putting it across! Have fun people 🙂


Dress: Macy’s
Golden gladiators: Metro Shoes
Black clutch: Gifted
Fedora: Burlington Coat Factory
Watch: Titan
Sunnies: Ray Ban aviators
Black and Gold cuff: Street, vendor, New Delhi

A-round the skirt

It was the 30th wedding anniversary of my in-laws. We (me and my hubby) had fun going for a movie followed with a dinner with them. Looking at them, I think life is beautiful!

They have spent such beautiful years with each other and even now, they take time out and make an effort to go out and have fun.
On the contrary, when I think about ourselves, as in, We, the young generation, life does not seem that easy. We are so busy in shaping up our careers, so busy in making our future secure that we neglect the fact that LIFE exists in present!
We simply don’t have time to do something special for our loved ones, or even ourselves. Fun activities, like picnics, hobbies etc. are losing their existence.
Life is moving at such a high pace, that we don’t even care what are we losing while stocking up our bank accounts!
Spending time with our loved ones is not only a stress buster, but a way to connect with the people who care for us. That is how I love to spend my time. My weekends are my opportunities when I can spend quality time with my parents, my husband and my friends. I feel I should LIVE life as much as I can, as no one knows what’s next!
Now, that’s quite some gyan 🙂
For the past week, the weather in Delhi has been too good. God blessed us with some surprising showers, cool waves of air, romantic clouds etc. We had great fun clicking pictures on road. This is what what I wore when I went out with my in-laws for dinner.


Sequined Blouse: Old, Pantaloons, India
Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory, USA
Watch: Invicta
Sandals: Stilettos, India
Bangles & Earrings: Street vendor, New Delhi, India

Party Harder

Here are some pics of our Saturday night.

I like to live by the rule – Work hard and Party Harder. That is what me and my husband plan for every weekend. I really love spending quality time and enjoying with him. He loves clicking my pics (so I have a full time photographer with me who works 24/7 for me.. yoyo!!) however, he himself is a little camera shy.

Dress: Globus
Flat sandals: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi
Neck piece: Flea Market, Bangalore
Hat: Beale Street, Memphis, USA