While in Downtown

DSC_0266DSC_0261Rising Cololrs, Downtown, 2

I am not one of those fashion bloggers who specially dress up for the blog posts. What I wear in my personal life is what I post here (I’ve said this before). This is the idea behind street style/personal style blogging. And truthfully, this outfit is exactly what I wore today to grab a cup of Almond Latte in Lake Mary downtown. It’s nice and warm in Orlando, and undoubtedly I am welcoming mini skirts with open arms.
It’s almost spring, I know.. but then I felt like dressing up for Fall. Ha! I promise, I will include more flowers in my next outfit to soothe your eyes, and to maintain balance of the universe. 😉
Would you believe if I say this skirt was a thrift find (and is almost 2 years old)! Also this top is making it’s second entry on the blog today. Judging by the positive response it got when I first wore it, even I don’t know why I never wore it again (on the blog). Of course I wore it many times but never clicked pictures. Better late than never!

Rising Cololrs, Downtown, 1

Top: Loft | Skirt: Thrift store | Shoes: Clarks | Watch: Fossil



‘Tis the season of pumpkin spiced lattes (I prefer salted caramel mocha though 😉 ), banana walnut bread, leather skirts, plum lipsticks, black boots and big fluffy scarves! It’s the Fall season, my favorite of all!!

Out of the above mentioned, I am sporting at least three here on the blog today. I eyed this skirt for last whole winter season, but never bought it since it was way above my budget. Generally, when buying clothing items, I have a threshold (to not buy anything above 70 USD). This keeps my budget in check and saves me from splurging.  But then came spring, and the prices slashed! I finally got my hands on it. It’s a wrap-around skirt, and I love the texture and the color! Yes, the downside was I couldn’t wear it last year, but I have no regrets since I will be wearing it so much more this year! Leather never goes out of style. Call it reward for my patience 😉

Leather Skirt, Boots, Cat Sunglasses, 1 Leather Skirt, Boots, Cat Sunglasses, 2 Leather Skirt, Boots, Cat Sunglasses, 3 Leather Skirt, Boots, Cat Sunglasses, 4

Skirt: Asos | Shirt: Zara | Shoes: Just Fab | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Global Citizen

Are you excited for the 4th of July? Well, I can’t wait enough to drive back to D.C. to be with my husband and family. Like last year, we plan to watch the parade and the fireworks this year too! Back in India, I grew up in Kanpur where our Independence Day celebrations were limited to the usual programs in school ending with the flag hosting ceremony. So growing up, I never got to watch a live parade, which is why today when I think of it, I get excited. Even though I am not in my own country or this Independence celebration may not be ‘my own’, but then I think how does it really matter? Just because I was not born here, doesn’t mean I don’t think of this country my own! I live here, work here, eat here, earn here, pay taxes – its definitely my own! Plus one only feels the way he wants to! And frankly I consider myself as a ‘global citizen’ and would love to be a part of the Independence day celebrations.

With that thought, I am wishing my fellow Americans a very Happy Independence Day!

P.S. This is what I wore to see the parade last year.. nothing fancy, just easy!


Top: Tommy Hilfiger | Skirt: Thrifted | Sandals: Payless

An Old Party

Before they become ‘obsolete’, I would like to share these pictures on the blog from this February.. I know.. I know.. they are already ‘obsolete’ in the ‘blogging world’.. but what you gonna do, when they sit in your drafts for so long that you completely forget about them until one day when you are deleting/archiving old pictures (consider the word ‘old’ here).

Anyhow.. better late than never! I wore this ‘shiny & sequiny’ outfit to a party in my apartment society back in D.C. It was a fun night, however while taking these pictures, I was freezing like a puppy! Of course the party was indoors, but we were crazy to come outside, bear the cold and click pictures. (A big shout out to my husband who loves getting tortured this way by me!) The lighting was bad, the weather was cold, it was completely dark hence the pictures look naive, but who cares, right? I like’em so I’m posting them! Enjoy you fellas while I pack my bags for a long weekend trip to D.C. to meet my man and celebrate something amazing with him! Till next time….

An old party An old party An old party An old party

Overcoat: Anne Klein | Top: Express | Skirt: Forever 21 | Tights: Uniqlo | Shoes: Cole Haan | Beret: Forever 21 | Clutch: Thrift store