Morning Fitness

Have you ever wondered why do you feel more alert and energetic if you exercise in the morning? It is because a morning workout has many positive effects on our body and mind. First, exercise jump-starts our metabolism, and second, helps us keep burning calories at a higher rate all day.
Below are few ways which can help you stay motivated for the morning workout. So ditch the comfort of that bed and train hard to see results.
1. Every Sunday night, create your workout schedule for the coming week. Tell yourself, for example, “This week, I’m getting up at 6 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and running three miles before work.” Schedule your morning workout just as you would an appointment. Following your morning workout routine would be easier if you write it down.
2. Keep you exercise clothes and equipment ready the night before. That way you don’t waste any time getting dressed and ready for your workout. One possible disadvantage of exercise in the morning is that your time may be limited — overcome this limitation by having a set routine and not wasting time looking for your shoes or your track pants.
3. Thanks to social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can tell everyone about your morning workout routine. Post your exercise plans on Facebook. Once you do so, it’s harder not to follow through with it. You also can use social media to boast of your accomplishments. They surely will be impressed, and it will motivate you to keep up your workout schedule.
 At first it may be difficult not to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep, rather than jump out of bed to exercise at the gym or go on a 30-minute walk. But after about a week or two, your body will adjust to your early workout schedule and it will be easier to get up and out of the house and head for the gym. Here’s why: When you exercise regularly, you sleep better at night. And when you sleep better at night, you wake up fresh and exercise is easier to do.
If you get up early and meet your exercise goals for the whole week, then treat yourself for the good work. You may get a manicure done, watch a new movie with a friend, or go to a baseball game. Buy a new workout outfit, or go shopping — find what motivates you and use it to give you that push out of bed each morning for your workout routine.
You may want to eat something quick, like a banana or a handful of almonds, to give you a boost of energy before your workout routine. Then after you cool down, have your real breakfast — and make it special as a reward for your efforts. But don’t waste all your exercise efforts by eating a high-fat muffin or fried eggs. If you promise yourself a healthy, satisfying breakfast, such as eggs with veggies or oatmeal with fruit and nuts, when you get back, that will motivate you as well.


Eggless Chocolate Cake

After reading endless cake recipes, yesterday I finally decided to make one myself. I marched up to the grocery store immediately and bought myself all the baking items required. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous about baking as I never ever baked anything before today! And to my surprise, the cake turned out quite yummy and my hubbs darling loved it (not lying, seriously!!)
I also shared the cake pictures with my friends and was asked about the recipe, then it struck my mind, why not put the recipe as a post itself!
P.S. As I did not have any prior plans of putting the recipe on the blog, I do not have the cake making-in-progress pictures, however, next time for sure I would take more pictures for reference!
This easy chocolate cake has no eggs and also no butter and can be prepared in a few minutes as you do not have to beat the eggs or the butter.
So here goes, the super-duper simple recipe of my eggless chocolate cake –
Dry Ingredients:
1 1/2 cups white flour (all-purpose)
1 Tsp baking soda
1 Tsp salt
1 cup powdered sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
Wet Ingredients:
1 Tbsp white vinegar
5 Tbsps canola oil
1 Tsp vanilla
1 cup warm water
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In a large bowl, mix all dry ingredients (it is better to sift all the dry items in the bowl, to avoid any lumps later).
2. In a separate bowl, mix all the wet ingredients and stir.
3. Than make a well in the center of the dry ingredients bowl and pour in the all the wet items. Beat well for about three minutes. You may also use a blender here.
4. Coat cake tin with canola oil and then powder it with cocoa powder. Pour batter into tin. Put in oven for 20 mins.
Allow to cool completely before decorating…
Few Tips:
1. If you do not plan to put icing on the cake (like me), you may want to add 1/3 cup of sugar more, otherwise you may feel the cake is less sweet.
2. To test if your cake is done, insert a small toothpick into the center of the cake as far as you can. It should come out clean.
3. Another way to test if a cake is done is to lightly press the cake surface. The depression should spring back if the cake is cooked thoroughly.
4. Use shiny pans. If your pans are dark, the edges of your chocolate cakes will darken and harden as they bake.
5. Select a pan such that the batter is close to 3/4th of it or slightly above 1/2 of it. And the time for baking depends on the cake pan and oven too, mine got baked in exactly 20 mins.
Hot out of the oven

After flipping upside down! (Be careful here)..!
Try it out and let me know how it came up!
Happy Eating!!

The Power of White Shirt and Blue Jeans

Ever wondered why blue jeans and a white shirt is such a timeless classic combination? Look at the picture below.
This is how the original idea came from! Well, may be. It may be the simplest look you could think of, but it is one of style staples of the women’s wardrobe.
Blue jeans and white shirt is a crisp and clean solution that is easy to pull together and keeps you looking effortless at the same time!
You may consider blue jeans and a white top as off-duty dressing, but dress them up with a pair of high heels and you take simplicity to a new height and get something as stylish as the little black dress.
This may seem incredibly simple, but I’ve found a lot of people don’t own one of the most useful pieces for a good classic outfit: a plain well-fitted white shirt.
However, it is a great piece of item to invest into. Put it under a blazer, pair up with your jeans or add a hat. You may do the soft girl look or go the androgynous way, it looks great both ways.
When you have to attend an event or go for a girlie look, you can simply replace the white tee with an elegant blouse, add a statement piece of necklace and classic pumps. Nothing can spell modern classic better than this!
Let’s look at few illustrations below –
Our very own lovely fellow bloggers like Nini and Kelly Framel play the dress up look. Add a Peplum blouse, killer heels and a stunning bag for the evening look.
Wear your hat straight up! A hat can make all the difference. I personally love Fedora hats (see here and here). You can also add a scarf, a belt (like Kim) or a colored tote.
You may definitely choose to keep your denims short and still work up the look. Add a shocking color with your socks (see here) or an umbrella, even stockings can add a pinch of glamour! (See how I wore my denim shorts here)
Did you say jackets? Oh yeh, anytime.. and all kinds! Wear your winter trench coats or simply jazz up the look with a tailored jacket or blazer. A vest looks amazing too! (See how I wore my denim vest here)
Now, who says you can’t go upside down? Well, it looks equally awesome, simply add-on few colorful accessories. I personally love white pants!
Go casual! Wear your flared, distressed or cropped denims and you are good to go on those lazy days when dressing up is not that fun 😉 Don’t forget to add a bling to your outfit with some strappy sandals (like Cameron Diaz), a boxy clutch or a wrist watch.
Men will be men! They can easily take this blue and white combination a level up. Wear your attitude on your sleeves and voila! You are ready to rock the world!

Do you have more ideas to dress up a white tee and blue jeans, let’s hear it!!

How to Style Harem Pants

Harem pants or harem trousers, also known as parachute pants, are women’s baggy long pants tapered at the ankle, with side flaps on the hip that button at the waist area.

Harem pants, which originated in India, are like a cross between a skirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The legs, from the knees down, are fitted. The crotch area is loose and baggy as if it were cut to be a skirt. Traditional harem pants can be extremely large and baggy, with a very wide and full fit, very roomy, loose fitting, over-sized, puffy, and spacious, with elastic in waist and at ankles, and with the crotch below the knee almost to the ground.

A “modern” version of harem pants was made popular in the late 1980s by MC Hammer and thus known as hammer pants. They are intended to be made more fashionable and require less fabric.

Harem Pants have been there for a while now. Although some view them as a little bit too trendy to pull off, I find the trend of these slouchy pants to be a nice break from the regular jeans and straight fit trousers. They definitely seem tricky to style, but that’s the beauty of them!

They are unique enough and you may not need anything else to look chic. They are actually very flattering. When styling harems, you can keep the following things in mind and you shall never regret buying them!

Fabric – Thick and structured fabrics are recommended with harems as they will flatter your body shape. Cotton, Linen are good choices and Silks are a big no-no!

The Cut – No matter how good they look on runways, but too much drape can look sloppy. Hence, its advisable to go with the cuts which are lose around the thighs and crotch but no so lose that the fabric brunches when standing.
Strictly avoid drop crotch pants unless you are a super risk taker!

Waist Highlight – Another important factor to consider while styling harems is to highlight your waist. This will balance out the bulk.

Top – Try wearing harems with a tighter fitting top, a belt or a cropped jacket to give you shape around your waist and the torso.

Length matters – I personally feel ankle length harem pants look more flattering than the knee length ones because the full length pants add to the length of your legs however, the knee length pants cut the length of your legs in half making you look shorter.

Shoes – Generally, heels make legs look longer, you can also style harems with flats and sandals.

P.S. Let harem pants be the center of attention and keep other accessories light. These are easier to pull off if you pair them with something classic as opposed to other uber-trendy pieces.

Last but not the least, wear your harems with confidence and a smile!


Animal print shirt: Old Navy
Harem Pants: Shoppers Stop
Denim Vest: Mango
Shoes: Janpath, New Delhi
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Jhola Bag: Janpath, New Delhi
Watch: Titan
Hoop Earrings: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi