Big News Neon-ized

We were out to celebrate my birthday, as one more year is added to my age now. I bought a Zara bag and a Mango dress as my birthday gift (sponsored by my lovely husband). I have big news to reveal today.. We are moving to United States next week.. for good. My husband got a job there and hence, we decided to move to Phoenix, Arizona. I plan to take up a job there. 
So we would be going there together, selecting a new house, buying things for home, in short – setting up a new life for ourselves. It would be challenging but fun! And I am eagerly looking forward to it.
This time next week my bags would have been completely packed and the clock would be ticking!

Well, these pictures were taken before a week as my husband took me out for a candle-light dinner on my birthday. We went to this nice romantic place called ‘Ardor’ in Connaught Place, New Delhi.
The food was delicious and the night was superb. We enjoyed a nice walk post our food and clicked some pictures too.
My last post got amazingly positives reviews and I am thankful to everoyne for dropping your lovely comments.
On my outfit – 
I am wearing my new skinny denims and a neon top with flats. Though I am a heels person, I chose wearing flats as we had plans to take a nice long walk post dinner at Connaught Place, and the flats saved me from all the pain of walking..
The Neon trend is growing up lately. And it looks elegant and casual at the same time. Dress it up or dress it down as you wish. These colors are the latest trend and are termed as the hottest colors out there. I suggest you try them out and you will not regret.
Some style tips on neon
1. Pick your neon shade. There are hundreds of different shades, hence, it’s better to narrow down your favourite colors and look for a color which brings out your features.
2. If you can’t dare to wear a big neon piece, buy neon accessories. Put on a tangy orange or a vibrant pink nail paint, carry a bright yellow bag, or wear a lime color belt.
3. Black looks very good with neon as it gives a dark base for the neon color to brighten up more.
4. Avoid going neon in clothes, make-up and accessories all together! Our aim is to look stylish and not clownish!
5. Feel it – Neon colors are fluorescent. If you are wearing neon, feel bright, energetic and happy. Be confident and most importantly, wear your smile 🙂
P.S. The last picture is of my birthday cake 🙂


Neon blouse: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Old Navy
Bag: Rosetti
Watch: Invicta
Metal bangles: From Kanpur
Belt: Fashion & You

Monsoon Special

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

Happy Monsoon everyone! So how’s it going with the rains..? It feels good. I love the rains. I love the feeling of it on my face. Water pouring down, on and off, creating that amazing romantic scene from our Bollywood movies. Rains always remind me of those sexy romantic songs from our movies which were picturised in the rains.
Well, on one such rainy day I was out, and this is what I wore. Hot-pants are life savers some times. It rained so much that evening.. and I was thanking myself for not wearing jeans or full pants. As it becomes uneasy to walk in wet pants and its not good for the skin too.
I was carrying a water proof bag that day, which deifintely helped.

Things to remember, in monsoons:

1. Make-up: Avoid heavy make-up, keep it to the minimum. The lighter the make-up, the more you will be able to enjoy the weather. If required, use good quality water-proof stuff. Personally, I can’t leave home with out my kajal and lip balm. That’s the only thing in monsoons that I wear on my face.

2. Hair: The problem with managing hair in monsoons is that the humidity in the atmosphere makes hair frizzy. Hence, the go-to hair styles should be slick ponytails, messy braids or classy buns. Other than that, wearing a scarf or a hat adds up to the glam quotient. I would also recommend using hair protector products depending on your hair texture. Avoid hair-sprays and hair gels.

3. Skin: It’s good to use a non-soapy cleanser which can wash away the dirt with out drying the face. Use a toner post face-wash. Exfoliate (I swear by this rule). Never ever EVER step out with out applying a good sunscreen.

4. Footwear: Just slip in to those colorful rain boots, jelly slippers or sandals. Avoid leather in the rains. Anything open toed and water proof works best!

5. Accessories: What could be better than a colorful umbrella! Remember that song from the Bollywood movie ‘Chalbaaz’ where in Sridevi looks super cute in the raincoats with umbrellas. It’s time to create the same magic! And yes, colorful water proof bags are super handy too.

 6. Clothes: Most importantly, wear light fabrics, like cotton, linen etc. Give your jeans some rest and go for capri pants, linen trousers, skirts, hot-pants, the list is too long. Its good to stay way from whites and other very light colors. Wear the most colorful pieces from your collection and enjoy the colors of rainbow.

I like rain. Actually I love it. Do you?

Very well then, let’s get wet!

Cheers to the rains!

Tank: Espirit
Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Promod
Bag: Bought from Florida Airport
Flats: Stilettos
Watch: Titan
Leather Cuff: Random

Printed Pants – My version

I never thought I could force myself to wear printed pants. For some reason I felt they won’t look good on me, they are not my style. But then until you try how would you know, and I decided to come out of my comfort zone.
So this happened few weeks before when I went shopping with my sister and saw these pants. I immediately liked the color and the print and tried them on. Voila! I loved them. The fabric is made of cotton which is very soft and the pants are super light, best for Delhi summers.

Here is my take –

Few ways to style printed pants –
1. Don’t fear to wear print on print. It’s actually fun mixing prints.
2. Try pairing stripes with printed bottoms. Stripes act as a balancing element.
3. Wearing heels is one way of dressing up printed pants. But I chose to go the other way round, and dressed them down with these loafers.
4. You can team them up with a nice clutch if dressing up, or a sling bag when dressing down.
5. Accessories – Keep it to minimum. Reason being there is already too much on your body, hence, no need to increase the clutter.

Just go ahead try this funky trend. I’m sure there is one pair of printed pants (or shorts) made for you, somewhere, lying on the racks! Go figure!


T-Shirt: Marks & Spencer
Pants: Lee Cooper
Shoes: Bata
Bag: Incense
Stone necklace: Pantaloons
Yellow stud earrings: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi
Bangles: Gifted by SIL
Watch: Invicta

A plain mane story

In the words of Martin Luther, “The hair is the richest ornament of a woman”. The statement can’t be truer.

This post is going to be different from the usual outfit posts. It’s a story about a girl. A girl who hated her hair.
And that girl is me.

Flashback – My mother always had those super long locks falling below her waist touching her hips. She had thick black long hair. My mom was a Rapunzel, in a way. And I, being her biological daughter, inherited that thick hair from her. However, my version was not that soft and silky. They were thick and rough! And I never liked my hair. NEVER EVER. Simply because they were so thick and dense that I could hardly manage them or make different hairstyles out of them.

I always had to keep them oiled (so that they stay in control) and tied up in a high pony or two plaits (for school). I remember once talking to my mom –

Me: “Mom, I don’t like my hair.”

Mom: “You have beautiful hair, sweetie. What’s wrong with your hair?”

Me: “They are so thick and rough. I want soft and silky hair.”

Mom: “Don’t think that way; you have got healthy hair, just like me. There are women who dream of thick hair like yours. You should be happy!”

And I used to wonder, would I ever be happy with my hair. Phew.!!

Those were the days when the market was getting flooded with all the new shampoos and conditioners. New products were getting launched and marketed heavily on TV channels and posters etc. And no wonder, I was highly influenced by those commercials where in the models had such fabulous, flowing, super long lustrous hair by using the shampoo and conditioner they are advertising for.
And hence, I started trying all those shampoos one by one. My motto was to search one such magical shampoo which can transform my hair from bad to fab! And in that search, I kept on trying a new shampoo every time I washed my hair. Every single time, thinking one day I will find the shampoo of my dreams. But no luck!

I even got my hair straightened, colored and chemically treated in the urge of my dream hair, but I can say this from my personal experience that all these were temporary fixes. Nothing helped in improving the texture of my hair.

Well, then life kept going and I moved to New Delhi as I got a job. By now, I was too tired of trying different products on my hair. I was in a state of “Been there, done that”!

Then the launch of Dove shampoos and conditioners happened. I still remember seeing those commercials where real women (and not models) were talking about their personal experiences on TV (the after effects of using the products), and undoubtedly they seemed happy! And I thought to myself, is that true or is it a selling gimmick again. After waiting for a while, I thought of giving it a try. I bought myself a sachet of Dove shampoo and washed my hair with it.
From the very first wash, I could see or rather feel the difference! I clearly remember I loved my hair that day. For the first time ever, my hair felt so smooth and silky, just the way I wanted them to be! I was so happy to find the perfect shampoo, which was made for me, for my kind of hair. Then, I headed to the drug store and bought the large size bottles of the shampoo and conditioner and started using it regularly.

Eventually, the texture of my hair improved from rough and coarse to soft and shiny… and that was the end of my hair problems!

Reality – I love my hair now. I am a Rapunzel too, in my own way 😉 Dove really changed my hair. I even suggested my mom to try these shampoos out. She loves them too!
That was my hair story. Go try Dove! And feel the change!

And yes, check this Dove hair-aware application on Facebook. It’s pretty cool.

This post is my entry to the ‘My Beautiful Hair Story’ contest organized by Dove and Indiblogger.