Leopard print – One of my favorite prints of all. Somehow, lately it has emerged as a super versatile print which can act as a neutral base with solids and can take in-charge of any outfit on it’s own as well!This was the last day of my super-fantastic trip and we were checking out of our resort. Hence, I chose to wear these jeggings and a loose – airy shirt for a comfortable travel. Again, when it comes to travel, style plus comfort are my basic needs.
It’s already Monday (here in India), so happy ‘back to work’ day to you all..(I know, I know, it’s not a happy day!). And those who are still enjoying their Sunday nights, I envy you!
And yes, I went shopping yesterday, guess what I bought! Printed pants it is! Never thought I could go with this trend, but never say never! I like them now! Can’t wait more to pair them with something chic and show you guys!
Enjoy reading!

Well, I don’t particularly like this last picture of mine, but because it’s a close-up, thought of sharing this too.
Blouse: Old Navy
Black Cami (inside): Mango
Jeggings: Jeanswear, Lifestyle
Shoes: Stilettos
Neck-piece: Janpath, New Delhi
Sunnies: Ray Ban
Watch: Michael Kors
Bag: Wilson Leather


Pink all over

Isin’t this pink dress cute? I find it super cute and girly.

Wore this dress on the third day of our trip while out to visit an ancient temple, and then travel to Binsar (our next destination).
The sun was powerful that day but who cares, when you are on a vacation, and have a nice strong sunscreen on your face, a cotton dress on your body, and last but not the least, a super sweetheart spouse by your side! Well, that was over the top! (No ?)

And yes, that flower you see, was plucked and gifted to me by GM (that’s what I call him sometimes, which are initials of his name. Full name being Gaurav Mahendru).
So, you can figure out from my face and epxressions, how happy and gay was I! Never wanted to be back.
Well, now I am back, so let’s enjoy the pictutres and remember the good times.


Dress: Pantaloons, Gifted by mom
Shoes: Stilettos, New Delhi
Bag: Wilson Leather
Sunnies: Aldo
Watch: Michael Kors
Wrist band: Local vendor, New Delhi
Earrings & Necklace: Gifted by husband
Pink Rose Flower: Ofcourse, gifted by husband

Let’s Trek

Let’s Trek! Yeah. This trip was such a rejuvenating experience.Today sharing the pictures from my trek day. Me, my husband and all our friends were out early in the morning even before sunrise for some mountain walking and bird watching. Yes, we did watch so many different kind of birds in the jungle. Some change colors with the season, some copy the colors of other birds and butterflies, there were such beautiful ones out there.

Though I am not wearing any outerwear here, but remind you the temperature was 18 degree Celcius outside. It was a chilly morning and I loved it!


T-Shirt: Husband’s
Leggings: Danskin
Shoes: Vans
Watch: Titan
Sunnies: Ray Ban Aviators

High Way

Yeh, I was almost lost from the blogging community for last whole week as I was out to enjoy the cold weather of Kausani and Binsar (in Uttarakhand, India).
It was a 3 day trip by road, and I had amazing time.
Here are the pictures from Day1 when we were driving from New Delhi to Kausani (which is a 12-hour drive, by the way). High Ways are cool!
I am wearing a loose tunic with leggings, which were too comfortable for a long trip like this.


Tunic: AND
Leggings: Danskin
Shoes: Old Navy
Sunnies: Husband’s (Ray Ban)
Watch: Titan