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A quick hello to everyone. Nothing much is coming to my mind today, so this post would be short and pretty crisp!
This is what I wore yesterday at work. Was out for a pizza lunch at Domino’s.
I hope the week is going good for you all.
And yes, the rock that you see on my finger is “MY” Solitaire, yes, the same one about which I mentioned in this post.
The weather is super sunny here! Super hot!

P.S. – Oh yes, also I played up with my page looks. Let me know what you think. And I would not mind you liking my Facebook page (for sneak peaks, updates, quick pictures and other things I am loving).

And the weekend is almost there! Have fun 🙂


Shirt: First Option
Trousers: Gap
Shoes: Naturalizer, Bata
Watch: Titan


Shades of Red

My mind is a bag of mixed feelings at the moment.

The day was quite hectic and so was the week. Had a really rough day, hence thought of putting down few words to get myself relieved. Writing gives me an instant high. In a good way (wink).

As this world was not intended to be a state of any great satisfaction or high enjoyment, so neither was it intended to be a mere scene of unhappiness and sorrow.
I so, so wanted to write this post in the mid of this week but some or the other things kept my tied up. Dust storm hit our city yesterday while I was walking down to my car, and don’t know from where a tiny-winy dust particle smashed in to my eye like a fighter jet! BOOM! And there it was! The beginning of a problematic eye. Since yesterday, my eye is giving me a hard time 😦 – That was the story of a Sore eye!
But the situation is under control now. Well, my doctor said so! And you should always believe your doctor (at least). 🙂
This weekend is again tied up (though with fun). Planning a girlies day out tomorrow. Yet to watch Avengers. And tomorrow is the day (tinggg)!
Enjoy the pictures (which were clicked before the Eye story). And have a good weekend. And yes, please spread the word, like my Facebook page. Thank you!
Top: Local vendor, Greater Kailash Market, New Delhi
Red Jeans: T.J. Maxx
Shoes: Bata
Bag: Westside (gifted)
Chain necklace and Hand cuff – Gifted


I am so so happy today! I have so many things to share with you all.
So I celebrated my first wedding anniversary yesterday. After a long wait, I was finally given my gift – a SOLITAIRE!!

Yes! Yes! You heard it right, it’s a solitaire – my gift. And I am flaunting it ever since. Yikes!!
My (super) loving husband definitely knows the fact that “Diamonds are a girls’ best friend”.
We threw a small bash at our place with friends, relatives and cousins. I am blessed to have such a loving family. Everyone bestowed their blessings upon us.
I enjoyed. A lot. (Who doesn’t enjoy all the attention, anyways)! I have always felt that true enjoyment cannot be described, and so can’t I. It was all giggles and laughter all around.

The pictures below were clicked on Saturday, before I headed for a quick brunch.
As the summer is in it’s full swing here, I like to keep the accessories to the minimum. It’s either a neck piece, a wrist detail, a bag or sunglasses for me. Here, I chose these big sunnies over others.

I prefer tying up my hair when I am out in the sun for long. It prevents great potential hair damage. I was not in the mood of a plain pony, so I side braided my hair for a quick and a chic hair do.

Enjoy the pics and please do like my Facebook page here for updates and more pictures on the posts and much much more!

P.S. I chose the back of our terrace for these pics. Please ignore the location if you don’t find it appealing! Xoxo
U-neck t-shirt: Old Navy
Capri pants: Pepe Jeans
Multi-colored bow bellies: Local vendor, New Delhi
Belt: Local vendor, New Delhi
Sunglasses: Aldo
Watch: Invicta
Wearing a pure silver bangle on the other wrist

Summer Special – Linen Tunic

I am in love with Tunics these days and when travelling, that is the first thing I reach out for in my closet. They are oh so easy to slip in and on top of it when the fabric is linen, it feels like a boon in summers.
Yes, I remember I said my next post could be late, but Blogging is such an addiction that I was getting OOTD pics clicked even on vacation!

I was out with my mum, husband and sister to gorge on some yummy street food in my hometown. After filling my stomach, I humbly requested my hubby to click my picutres (You have to request a person specially when he is on leaves too!). He agreed upon and clicked my pictures. Thanks love, if you are reading this!

After staying at my mum’s places in Kanpur for 2 days, I headed to Lucknow for the wedding. It was some real fun there, though the heat waves had all plans to de-motivate us from enjoying, as the temperature hit scorching 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 deg Celcius), but we still managed to keep our cool 😀

The wedding went very well and I enjoyed to the core! Dance, music, food, laughter and fun was all that we did in the entire wedding. Good times pass quickly. Meeting relatives, cousins and friends was very amusing!
Below are the OOTD pics. As the pictures were clicked on the street, I have given them some 1960s twist 😉

Last but not the least, I thank you all from the core of my heart for your kind comments, and the positive response on the blog. It feels really very good to read all those appreciating words from you all.


Tunic: Ritu Wears
Jeggings: Jeanswear, Lifestyle
Golden flats: Local vendor, Kanpur, India
Animal print bag: Wilson Leather, USA
Watch: Michael Kors
Golden bangles: Bought from a goldsmith, New Delhi