Summer Special – Linen Tunic

I am in love with Tunics these days and when travelling, that is the first thing I reach out for in my closet. They are oh so easy to slip in and on top of it when the fabric is linen, it feels like a boon in summers.
Yes, I remember I said my next post could be late, but Blogging is such an addiction that I was getting OOTD pics clicked even on vacation!

I was out with my mum, husband and sister to gorge on some yummy street food in my hometown. After filling my stomach, I humbly requested my hubby to click my picutres (You have to request a person specially when he is on leaves too!). He agreed upon and clicked my pictures. Thanks love, if you are reading this!

After staying at my mum’s places in Kanpur for 2 days, I headed to Lucknow for the wedding. It was some real fun there, though the heat waves had all plans to de-motivate us from enjoying, as the temperature hit scorching 102 degrees Fahrenheit (39 deg Celcius), but we still managed to keep our cool 😀

The wedding went very well and I enjoyed to the core! Dance, music, food, laughter and fun was all that we did in the entire wedding. Good times pass quickly. Meeting relatives, cousins and friends was very amusing!
Below are the OOTD pics. As the pictures were clicked on the street, I have given them some 1960s twist 😉

Last but not the least, I thank you all from the core of my heart for your kind comments, and the positive response on the blog. It feels really very good to read all those appreciating words from you all.


Tunic: Ritu Wears
Jeggings: Jeanswear, Lifestyle
Golden flats: Local vendor, Kanpur, India
Animal print bag: Wilson Leather, USA
Watch: Michael Kors
Golden bangles: Bought from a goldsmith, New Delhi

Green Potential

It was a hot sunny afternoon on Sunday last week when I decided to head to a designer boutique to find some wedding purpose outfit for my husband. As the opposites attract, he hates shopping for himself. He is the minimalist. So, usually it is me who goes out, searches, finds and buys stuff for him.
My sweet sis-in-law agreed to accompany me in my search for a perfect outfit for him as we have a close relative’s wedding to attend this weekend.

Before I started to blog, I used to be very very conscious of getting pictures clicked in public, to be precise, on Road. But now, my outlook has changed, the fear has gone. I no more feel shy or get nervous while getting clicked. I simply think and feel that I am blogger and I am doing my job, so if someone is staring at me or laughing or thinking how stupid I am, should go and get some life! Eh!

My husband recently gifted me these pair of Ray Ban aviators as I was dying to get one! As our first marriage anniversary is due in about 15 days, I guess it is an advance-mini-gift by him ;). Now, please don’t support him by thinking he can simply getaway by gifting only these sunnies on our FIRST (read it loud and in BOLD) Wedding Anniversary!!


Well, jokes apart, it does not really feel our first year is almost over. It feels it was not later than yesterday when we tied the knot. The journey so far has been like a swing with UPs (full of romantic, happy moments, those loving experiences with Him) and DOWNs (full of small fights, lots of learning, adjustments and understanding each other moments).
I am blessed to be with him!!
Marriage is the union of two different surnames, in friendship and in love, in order to continue the posterity of the former sages, and to furnish those who shall preside at the sacrifices to heaven and earth, at those in the ancestral temple, and at those at the altars to the spirits of the land and grain. – Copernicus
P.S. The next outfit post may get delayed as I am travelling tomorrow to my mom’s place and then have to attend a wedding. xoxo
Green Tunic: Shoppers Stop
Jeans: Jeanswear, Lifestyle
Bag: Wilson Leather, USA
Nude Flats: Westside
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Watch: Invicta
Magenta, Gold hoop earrings and crystal bracelet: Local vendor, New Delhi

Denim: A Fashion Must

It was Friday and we both took an off from our work, just to indulge ourselves in some shopping, a movie and finger licking good food. The “quality” time we spend with each other is something very special to me!

Though our initial plan was a quick getaway to Simla by road.. however, due to few other things lined up, we had to change our plans. Hence, my Darling hubby (I am not just saying this because he took me out on a shopping treat, I really mean it xoxo) promised to make it up for me! And voila! I was ready and so was he. We had great fun as we went to The Great India Place Mall, Noida, India.
He loves clicking my pictures and I love being his model 🙂 (I know.. how lucky I am!) So here I am, wearing one of my favorite denim skirts.

Denims are everyone’s favorite. There is one perfect fit for all. Be it skinny, straight, flared, boyfriend or bell-bottoms. One can easily dress up or dress down denims. It instantly makes you look chic and feel confident.
We all have that one perfect pair of jeans in our wardrobe which we always reach out for.
Now what makes a favorite? It could be the fabric, the wash, the fit or the brand. A denim skirt, on the same lines, give you a good shape. It enhances the curves at the right places and hides the ones required.
We all know how hot Indian summers are! Now that summers are fast approaching, as it does not seem God may bless us (in New Delhi) anymore with rains or winds, wearing a skirt gives me that free movement and adds style to my outfit at the same time. Denim shorts and skirts are by far my favorite forms of denim in summers.
I love to rock them with boots, sandals, wedges or a simple pair of flats, like here.
Enjoy the pics!
Thank you for reading, and please do let me know your thoughts below. I really look forward to them 🙂
Nude Top: Mango
Denim Skirt: Vibe
Flat Bellies: Old Navy, USA
Red Sling Bag: Rosetti
Watch: Invicta
Colorful bangles: Local street vendor, Bangalore
Silver earrings: Local street vendor, New Delhi

A-round the skirt

It was the 30th wedding anniversary of my in-laws. We (me and my hubby) had fun going for a movie followed with a dinner with them. Looking at them, I think life is beautiful!

They have spent such beautiful years with each other and even now, they take time out and make an effort to go out and have fun.
On the contrary, when I think about ourselves, as in, We, the young generation, life does not seem that easy. We are so busy in shaping up our careers, so busy in making our future secure that we neglect the fact that LIFE exists in present!
We simply don’t have time to do something special for our loved ones, or even ourselves. Fun activities, like picnics, hobbies etc. are losing their existence.
Life is moving at such a high pace, that we don’t even care what are we losing while stocking up our bank accounts!
Spending time with our loved ones is not only a stress buster, but a way to connect with the people who care for us. That is how I love to spend my time. My weekends are my opportunities when I can spend quality time with my parents, my husband and my friends. I feel I should LIVE life as much as I can, as no one knows what’s next!
Now, that’s quite some gyan 🙂
For the past week, the weather in Delhi has been too good. God blessed us with some surprising showers, cool waves of air, romantic clouds etc. We had great fun clicking pictures on road. This is what what I wore when I went out with my in-laws for dinner.


Sequined Blouse: Old, Pantaloons, India
Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory, USA
Watch: Invicta
Sandals: Stilettos, India
Bangles & Earrings: Street vendor, New Delhi, India