All about me

There are a few things about me which I am sharing with you all today… So recently, I sat down to pen a few of my personality traits and these are the one I came up with –

  • I am either hot or cold, there is no middle ground with me. I either like it or not!
  • I am loyal even to those who are not loyal to me. 🙂
  • I usually have trouble letting go.
  • Love is my motivation for everything I do.
  • I am usually quiet and very caring, but when I get mad, you won’t even recognize me!
  • I have a sixth sense about knowing when I am right. It usually works out the way I said it would.
  • I can be manipulative in a very subtle way. 😉
  • I hate crowds. Arghhh..
  • I have a hard time saying goodbye.
  • I hate being rushed. It makes me moody. Chillax! 😀
  • I have great intuition and can often tell when you’re lying. (Poor husband.. he is never able to hide anything haha..)!
  • Though I have a deep romantic side to myself, I am also very practical in nature.
  • I always try to work things out… but when I am done, I am DONE. I won’t go back.
  • Break my trust once and you’ll never gain it back. I may forgive but never forget.
  • I am the happiest when making someone else smile.
  • Be direct with me. Say what you think and you are well on the way to winning me.
  • I value family above everything else in my life.