Kept for Ages

Writing this post on Friday evening sitting in my living room overlooking at the lake in our apartment complex which is currently filled to the brim! Hurricane Matthew has (thankfully) passed us and the weather is much stable now. The rain has stopped though it is still crazy windy outside. And if you are wondering, we are safe. Though (as expected) there are after-effects of the storm, I’m thankful to God that people are safe and the worst is over. It was one crazy day, if you ask me! I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Let’s just say nothing stands close to mother nature.
On today’s outfit – Again wearing a dress which has been hanging in my closet for a long time. I still have some left to use during this pregnancy  ;). Minimalism is my jam! Oh and these booties are so, so comfortable. Bought these on a whim while circling the aisles of a DSW store in my city. Love the color and the flat sole (which is kind of a necessity now-a-days considering my swollen belly).

dsc_0755 dsc_0681 dsc_0697 dsc_0687 dsc_0671

Dress: Asos | Booties: Crown Vintage via DSW (same) | Bag: Steve Madden | Sunglasses: Aldo | Watch: Fossil

Nobody can take this from You

You know what is the best thing about a fit body? It’s the fact that nobody can steal this or take this from you. You earn it for yourself and you enjoy it all by yourself!

Whenever I feel lazy or low, this thought always comes to my mind. Nobody can take this from me! I am doing this for ME – and not for my husband, or friends, or my dog (hypothetical..!!) or anyone else! All the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle will be enjoyed by ME only. And those who sit and stare will keep on sitting and staring! Ha! Isn’t that amazing that you enjoy all the success by yourself! No one can take it from you. You are your own master.. 🙂

Being fit is not an option for me anymore, it’s a necessity. After 6 years of working out, dieting, falling off the wagon so many times and starting again – now I know what works best for my body. Now I understand my limits. I know how my body reacts to certain foods and certain workouts. You need to understand your body, treat it as your best friend, talk to it. That is the best way trust me! Treat it like your baby. You don’t neglect your baby.. if your baby is hungry you NEVER neglect it or avoid it! You make sure to feed it right then. You take care of your baby, bathe it, nurture it, feed it and love it. Your body is your first baby – it’s a place where your soul resides. And trust me – you may lose everything in your life – money, home, valuables, but your body will always stay with you till your last breath! Now it’s up to you in what state you want to see your body in your later years – Healthy or needing someone’s attention! Choice is Yours. 🙂

DSC_0613 DSC_0673 DSC_0677 DSC_0706

Dress: Asos | Scarf: Aldo | Bag: Wilsons Leather | Shoes: Clarks

Road is My Runway

This is my idea of plain and chic. A white shirt and Black or Blue jeans is too plain-jane for me! When I want to dress in 5, I always reach out for an unfussy slim dress! And this one is one of my favorites. And did you notice I am keeping my promises? Well, didn’t I give you a hint recently? ? ?

Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Dress: Asos (similar) | Shoes: Zara | Anklet: Asos | Watch: Fossil | Cuff: Michael Kors | Sunglasses: Ray Ban


At first, this dress was tricky to style. I couldn’t decide whether to style it with high heels or pair it with plain flats. Due to the oversize proportions of the dress, I finally ended up dressing it the boho way. This metal belt I grabbed the other day from a thrift store, worked like a charm!

One or two years ago, I would never have thought about styling this dress this way. It’s wonderful to realize how much my style has changed due to this blog. I love experimenting more. I never used to buy anything over-sized (due to the fear of looking huge or fat or wide.. you see)! But now the story has changed. Completely. I wear what I like, the way I like, without the fear of people looking at me or “Oh! damn this dress is not available in my size”. Such things are behind me now. 🙂

Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Dress: Asos | Sandals: Aldo | Bag: Thrift Store (similar) | Belt: The Salvation Army | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban