Make Your Own Summer

I am done with winter dressing {I mean mentally (obviously duhh..)… In reality, it’s going to snow this week.. 😦 }.. Anyways.. as they say.. you need to make your world beautiful using your own two little hands.. And keeping that saying in mind, I choose not to dress up in more boring colors! Vivid colors are not just for spring and summer.. right! By simply tweaking your summer clothes, adding layers or throwing on a winter accessory will make it all worthwhile. Frankly, summer clothes paired with winter accessories look! Don’t you think?

Today I am wearing this beautiful floral white button down dress. This dress is made up of pure cotton, but it’s thick cotton and hence, if layered well, this dress saves me from the bone-chilling winter breeze. I added blue tights and a beret in the same color to make the outfit look a little put together. The leather jacket and boots add a little bit of ‘edge’ to this girly outfit and makes it more winter season appropriate. And yes, my friends let the sun not fool you.. it was quite cold.. the sun is just a mirage of summer 😉

Leather Jacket: Wilson’s Leather | Dress: Levi’s | Leggings: India | Boots: Off Broadway | Sunglasses/Beret: Forever 21

Texas Tales

As promised today I am sharing a few pictures from our Texas trip during Christmas! Just looking at these pictures makes me remember the amazing week we spent there. Man time flies by.. Christmas is over and so is New Year.. People are back to normalcy (may be not us since we are moving houses this weekend). And I am soooo not looking forward to it 😦


Since I got married, every year the month of December brings tons of changes in my life.. The same happened last year, and something similar is happening this time too. Though I am still figuring out a few things.. but for now all I can say is we are shifting houses again (I tell you.. it’s exhauuuusting!!!) and these pictures were clicked in front of our new place. So yes guys, please expect lots of outfit pictures getting clicked on these stairs as this is going to be our new place in a couple of weeks! Change is so inevitable. And specially in my life, I feel ‘Change’ is all I do.

Anyways… my new year celebrations were fantastic. We kept it low key – just the two of us – me and moi husband – a romantic evening. But we had so much fun!!! Oh and on Christmas, we went to Texas to visit our family.. It was one of the best vacations of our lives.. Endless fun people! We never wanted to come back.. I will share a few pictures from the trip!

Again, I wish you all a super fabulous new year.. and loads of happiness.. no matter what year it is..!! Chase your dreams and don’t settle for less 🙂



Turtleneck: Loft | Pants: Asos | Coat: Guess (similar) | Beret: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: Off Broadway | Bag: Forever 21

Gray Matters

Gray Long Coat

Gray Long Coat

Gray Long Coat

Gray is so not my color. Don’t know how runway models look bomb wearing all gray top to bottom! But this girl is not at all a big fan of gray. And then here I am! Wearing neutrals and this long gray coat. You see I am a little helpless here.. since this is the warmest coat I own. I wear it on days when it’s extremely cold outside and I ‘have’ to step outside (which is daily considering the fact that I have a 9 to 5 – five days a week job). Days when the cold is unbearable. This coat is so warm and soft, I hate wearing it but then I love wearing it. You see what I mean. It’s a love and hate kinda relationship!

This particular day was also very, very cold. I normally like wearing skinny jeans in winters but then lately I feel bored of wearing the same old skinny pants over and over. Hence, I went for a little change and pulled out my trustworthy bootcut pair of jeans. And voila.. A beret covered my (another) bad hair day, and the sunnies hid my underslept eyes! There you go. That’s the look baby!! (If you are thinking why did I even bother to do a photoshoot, well I am asking that myself..!!) 😛 Why Ritika?

Coat: Guess (old) options | Jeans: Macy’s | Beret: Banana Republic | Turtleneck: Loft