Underrated Flare

We are talking about Flare pants today. They are so, so, so underrated. Everyone is crazy, mad over skinny pants (or jeans if you may). The notion is they make us look slim and toned… which may be right to an extent. But skinny pants also make us look short. However on the contrary, Flare (or bootcut) pants make us look taller. They not only enhance our curves, but give an illusion of longer legs. And who doesn’t want that? I believe Flares are evergreen. This 70’s style will never go out of style for me. Till now, I personally liked wearing bootcut pants over flared ones. (On that note, I dislike the Straight fit jeans – I feel they do no good to any body type. I stay miles away from them). But recently I tried the skinny flared jeans and I am in love.. They fit great, they are comfortable, and I look lean and tall wearing them. What else can you ask for? Right. (An outfit post coming soon on that).

Also I am kinda bored wearing the skinny jeans for years now.. It was time to make this little change in my wardrobe. I am quite excited to see how will I be styling Flared pants on the blog. If you are also fond of Flares/Bootcut like me, I present you a few good ways to style them –

Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants

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Gray Matters

Gray Long Coat

Gray Long Coat

Gray Long Coat

Gray is so not my color. Don’t know how runway models look bomb wearing all gray top to bottom! But this girl is not at all a big fan of gray. And then here I am! Wearing neutrals and this long gray coat. You see I am a little helpless here.. since this is the warmest coat I own. I wear it on days when it’s extremely cold outside and I ‘have’ to step outside (which is daily considering the fact that I have a 9 to 5 – five days a week job). Days when the cold is unbearable. This coat is so warm and soft, I hate wearing it but then I love wearing it. You see what I mean. It’s a love and hate kinda relationship!

This particular day was also very, very cold. I normally like wearing skinny jeans in winters but then lately I feel bored of wearing the same old skinny pants over and over. Hence, I went for a little change and pulled out my trustworthy bootcut pair of jeans. And voila.. A beret covered my (another) bad hair day, and the sunnies hid my underslept eyes! There you go. That’s the look baby!! (If you are thinking why did I even bother to do a photoshoot, well I am asking that myself..!!) 😛 Why Ritika?

Coat: Guess (old) options | Jeans: Macy’s | Beret: Banana Republic | Turtleneck: Loft