An impromptu day at the beach – that’s all you need on a weekend! Moi and husband had a delicious lunch date, post which he asked what did I want to do next? And before I could say anything, he asked ‘How about going to the beach?’ And I said, I am not dressed for the beach. He said, ‘nevermind.. let’s just grab coffees (since we both are teetotalers) and hangout at the beach, simply watch the sun going down’. So that’s exactly what we did this fine Saturday. It takes very little to impress this girl 😉
Till next time!! Ta!

Tunic: Old Navy | Jeans: Levi’s | Shoes: Clarks | Jacket: Thrifted

Last I wore this jacket (with green jeans)
Also wore this jacket with pink sweater
More blue and white outfits

Miss India

This post isn’t about the ‘Miss India’ title. 😉

Every year we visit India this time around.. to celebrate all the festivals that come with the change in weather! Markets get decorated, and so are the streets, people are out shopping for clothes, electric appliances, gold, silver, jewelry and what not! Everyone is in splurging mood.. This is the time when we also re-decorate our homes, we even clean them inside out! We pray to God to bless us with happiness, health and wealth! This is also the time when extended families get together, exchange gifts, couples get married (because this time of the year is considered auspicious), the weather also starts to cool down (though the ‘Fall’ period is very short there), people also make delicious sweets at home. Oh India, how I miss you!!

This year, I am going to miss all this since I am not visiting India this year! I am so bummed since this is the best time to be in India. Well, I will make do with the pictures and the stories my family and friends will share.. Hope my Indian friends/readers have already geared themselves up to enjoy this festival season!

This outfit is certainly not from last week. I wore this back when sun was kind and the weather was favorable! I can only dream of going bare legs these days!! Well, let me just look at these pictures and feel warm, if you don’t mind!

Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 2 Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 1 Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 3 Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 4

Dress: Gap | Shoes: Clarks | Necklace: Inherited from Mother in Law | Earrings: Gifted | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Forever 21