While I am on a 10-day vacation, I might as well put up a post! To be frank, I rarely ever, ever fire up my laptop when I am vacationing. I even don’t check my phone for hours on a stretch (no kidding..!!). I believe I can live with out social networking, it’s just a mode to pass time for me. Only when I have nothing else to do, no where else to go, I check my social network channels. Thankfully, I am not it’s slave (well, not yet).

Posting a few pictures from today. It’s quite hot and humid here (in D.C.) – < as compared to Boston > and wearing light dresses is the best way to beat the heat!

DSC_0469 DSC_0486 DSC_0490 DSC_0497

Dress: Gifted by MIL | Bag: Coach | Sandals: Sam Edelman | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Forever 21 | Earrings: Asos

Pink Perfection

Not much in a writing mood today, all I want to remind you is that winters don’t have to be grey and dull, you know! If you love colors (like me), then there is no stopping!

My mantra – ‘Dress like the world is your ramp and you are THE only model!’

If you are wondering (and even if you aren’t 😛 ), the whole moving thing has finally come to an end and as I write this, we are finally settled in our new house (which has it’s own pros and cons, by the way).. Anyhow.. life right now is pretty much all about decisions which include “which stuff goes where”, “which stuff to throw out” and “what new stuff to buy!” Ahh.. I am so, so tired that at the moment.. that if I had special powers, I would totally press the ‘Pause’ button and relax for a week or two! A girl can only wish! 😛

Jacket: Cole Haan (similar)| Tunic: India (similar)| Leggings: American Eagle | Scarf: H&M (similar, more options) | Shoes: Clarks (same) | Bag: Coach

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Flares Rule

Flares Rule

Told yaa.. Flares rule!

If you are a regular follower of Rising Colors blog, by now you would know that I have a clean and minimal way of dressing. Too many accessories in one outfit is just not my thing. I opt for clean sophisticated look which has at least one statement piece. Sometimes I let the shoes speak, sometimes it’s the jewelery i am wearing and most of the time it’s the choice of my bag which screams attention in an outfit. You see.. what I mean..

Anyways, this was quite a gray day with no sunshine and leftover snow <eeekkk..>! Layering is the key these days.. Please stay warm in which ever part of the world you are.. I am sending lots of warm wishes and hugs to you all 🙂

P.S. I am in love with these slim flare jeans. They add a good two inches to my height! Win.. win..!!

Jeans: Express (same) | Scarf: Express | Jacket: Cole Haan | Shoes: Cole Haan | Bag: Coach

Like a Gilmore

Remember when I mentioned we were binge watching Gilmore Girls (on Netflix)? Well we are now on to the last season of the series and dare I say I am hooked to Lorelai Gilmore’s style. She is always dressed up in these amazing fitting bootcut/flare trousers (or jeans). I have never seen her wearing skinny jeans/trousers through the entire TV series. And let’s not forget about the blazers and jackets she pairs with her trousers. They are well structured and well tailored. What’s not to love! And when she is not wearing trousers she dresses up in lovely figure flattering dresses. No wonder I am quite inspired with her wardrobe. And yes, she always has a bold lipstick on!

Today I am trying to recreate a ‘Lorelai Gilmore’ staple outfit – a well fitted pair of bootcut jeans, a sweater and a leather jacket. A bold lip, nice bag and a good pair of shoes! That – my friends is called a Lorelai Gilmore outfit.  (You may search more on Google if not sure what I am talking about 😉 )

Also throwing a few pictures of my latest lady love!

P.S. I know I’m late in the game.. but who cares! Plus.. better late than never..!! 😉

Gilmore Girls Gilmore Girls

Leather Jacket: Wilsons Leather | Sweater: Gap (very similar) | Jeans: Calvin Klein | Bag: Coach | Shoes: Franco Sarto

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