Exercise Does Magic to Your Body

Yes I have been neglecting this pretty little blog for a quite few days now! It’s just that I am way toooo occupied in my professional and personal life these days.. But as they say, better late than never! Right? Right.

Ok, so when you look at these pictures do you see some difference? Something different in me.. maybe? Do you notice I am looking quite slimmer than before!! 😀

Not to brag, but I feel A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Not sure how much weight I have lost (because I really DO NOT believe that your weight describes how ‘fit’ you are), but I certainly feel very light! It’s only my third month with these Bootcamp classes in my city, and I already feel so strong and so energetic all the time! This feeling is the best feeling in the world (better than the post-shopping high!). REALLY 🙂

I promised that I will keep you all updated on my journey, and here I am.. keeping my promise like always.. Do you see the happiness on my face here? That is what you get when you do something with full dedication! When I started working out, I had no goals, no expectations. To say the least, I did not see any results for the first 5 weeks. 5 WEEKS!! Some people lose hope by then. But I kept going. Then slowly and gradually I started seeing the difference in my performance. I don’t get tired so easily, push-ups are no more ‘an extremely painful’ exercise for me! I am so much better at running now. My pants fit me differently.

Now, it is like a routine.. If I skip a work-out session, I make up for it on the weekend! But I religiously work out four times a week. And hard work pays.. It did for me! It will for you too.  And I understand that this is just the beginning! I have a very, very long way to go. So what are you waiting for?? Go! Workout. Run. Play. Swim. Dance! Do whatever you like! Don’t let that gym membership go to waste. YOU paid for it. It’s your hard earned money. You better make very good use of it!

And trust me, your body will thank you in soooo many ways. Just be regular. Show up everyday. Don’t expect to see the results the same day or the same week. It takes time. Have patience.

I could only push you (through my words), it’s YOU who has to do the ‘main’ work! So good luck!

I wore this dress to the farmer’s market this weekend. I love, love, love farmer markets. I may never have said it on the blog before, but I do LOVE them! They take me back to my childhood when my father and I used to go to these farmer markets every Sunday to buy groceries and fruits! 🙂

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Dress: Forever 21 | Bag: Wilsons Leather | Shoes: Payless

Why You Shouldn’t Travel

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As I upload all these pictures from our ‘super short’ vacation (a 4-day trip IS a super-short vacation, right??), I am re-living those days! How lovely it is, to wake-up on a week day knowing you don’t have to go to work.. simply relax and go city surfing instead. (Dream Life.. ahhh..)

On the contrary, when I think of it, vacations do no good to you either! Ask me why? Here are just a few reasons I can give you to prove my point –

  1. You don’t wanna come back. EVER. Like E-V-E-R. (All of us can agree to this one.. right?)
  2. The next time you go to work, you just don’t wanna work.. (I still have a vacation hangover!)
  3. You have all that extra laundry to take care of.. once you return (I hate it!)
  4. You gain weight from all the outside (yummy) food! (Luckily I did not gain much on this trip.. Yayy..)
  5. How could you forget the inevitable hole in your pocket – thanks to all the traveling, shopping and indulging activities..
  6. Unpacking.. blahhh!! Enough said. (I’m still unpacking.. I know I am lazy..)

So that’s my list! Care to add more..?? All that being said and discussed, I still WANT to go on another vacation. I ALWAYS WILL. My love for traveling will never cease to exist!

Coming to the pictures, these pictures were on a beautiful windy evening.. actually the same day these pictures were clicked. The only difference is – I took a dip in the ocean jut before these ones were clicked! Hence, the wet, frizzy hair..


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Outfit Details: Dress: River Island | Shoes: Zara (similar) | Earrings: India (similar)

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To Travel Is To Live

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It’s not just a title! I do live by these words.. The title of this post justifies my belief!

Travel has not only educated me, it has given me so many opportunities for which one blog post, or even one whole blog is not sufficient!

I have traveled a lot! You see, I was born in Gujarat, completed my studies in Uttar Pradesh, then moved to New Delhi for job after college, then moved to United States post marriage. I can’t say which place I like more, cause I have met with so many beautiful souls in this life (thus far), made so many uncountable (good & bad) memories and experienced numerous amazing moments.. Words are not enough in any dictionary which can do justice to my feelings.. I consider myself very, very, very fortunate!

It was an added bonus when I married the love of my life who equally shares my passion for traveling with me.

That being said, these pictures were clicked on the third day of our travel to Puerto Rico. We decided to spend the day doing some adventure sports and getting an adrenaline rush!! (Well, why not?? Life is too short to regret not doing something..)

So we booked a two-hour ATV riding trip in a 2500 acre farm! We rode through hills, puddles, dirt, dust, water, plantation.. oh that was some ‘awesome’ experience! The instructor’s special instructions were – “Please don’t take selfies while driving”!! Haha..

Enjoy the pictures..

Please don’t ask me why I am wearing a beach-friendly outfit! (Actually initially the plan was to spend the day at the beach. But then, us being a crazy couple, we changed it at the last-minute and spent the day acting sporty!)


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Outfit Details: Dress: Consignment Store (similar here and here) | Swimsuit: JC Penny (similar) | Shoes: Puma | Sunglasses: American Eagle