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The other day while watching a TV show, a celebrity was asked the usual question, what is one thing that she regrets the most. And as usual she said, she doesn’t regret anything, she lived a full life and is proud of the mistakes she made and blah.. blah.. Well, this might be true for a few of us, who do not regret anything in life. But not me. I regret a lot of things that I did in my past. And if given a chance, I would certainly like to go back in time and correct them, or at least tell my younger self, to choose wisely.
Anyhow, today I am sharing the biggest regret of my life. I regret not finding ‘fitness’ sooner. I never exercised in my teens. Never played any sport in school. I rode a bike though, but that was my mode of travel (from home to school, school to friend’s house.. you the idea?), not from an ‘exercise’ point of view. (And thanks to that, my legs are good kids). I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self the importance of fitness. Oh, how I wish, I wish!
Not until I turned 25 is when I started working out, and day by day the passion kept growing. The more I read, researched, the more I learnt. And there is still so, so, so much to learn! Just because I was not ‘physically’ active in my younger years, my body does not respond to exercise as quick as I expect it to. I work twice as hard compared to other people, to achieve the same kind of results (and to keep my metabolism high!). This is unfortunate, I know. But I am still very, very grateful that I finally found my calling. As they say, better late than never.

A lot of people in my circle keep telling me how I should ‘enjoy’ my life, since I don’t party, drink alcohol or eat out (too much), or socialize till late on weekends or blah.. blah..!! Well, let me say this to them – I AM ENJOYING LIFE. My means of enjoyment might not be same as you, but I love my life. I love lifting weights, I love eating healthy, I love cooking for myself, all this gives me so much happiness and contentment that it’s difficult to describe in words.
Anyways, rant over. If you are here just for the pictures.. keep scrolling!


T-Shirt: H&M | Skirt: Asos | Shoes: Audrey Brooke

5 Things to do immediately after a Workout

Let’s come to the point, and directly head to the list –

  1. Relax/Stretch Do breathing exercises. Let your breath come to normal pace. And stretch as long as you want. This will help ease the muscle pain (which happens the next day). I personally love it though 😉
  2. Drink loads of water. Pretty self explanatory.. duh!!
  3. Wash your face: The skincare advocate in me will never go to sleep. The usual perception is to let the sweat dry, but in reality you don’t have to do that! You can absolutely wash your face immediately after your work out is done (and you should), specially when you follow Point 1, the sweat will be almost dried out. So please, don’t let that sweat, dirt and grim set in to your pores. Wash it off.
  4. Have your post workout snack. Within 20 minutes of your workout, eat your post workout shake/snack/fruit etc. Your body needs that extra source of energy that time, plus it will yield you good results as your metabolism will boost as well.
  5. Pat yourself on the back. OK you can totally skip this one (or not) 😉 But I get so proud of myself after my workout, walk back home looking straight up! I feel like I am not cheating on my body and we both are in a honest, true relationship!!

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Do yo have more to add to the list?

P.S. Please ignore the clutter in the picture. Usually I am more organized than this 😛


Gym Wear: Gap




Nobody can take this from You

You know what is the best thing about a fit body? It’s the fact that nobody can steal this or take this from you. You earn it for yourself and you enjoy it all by yourself!

Whenever I feel lazy or low, this thought always comes to my mind. Nobody can take this from me! I am doing this for ME – and not for my husband, or friends, or my dog (hypothetical..!!) or anyone else! All the benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle will be enjoyed by ME only. And those who sit and stare will keep on sitting and staring! Ha! Isn’t that amazing that you enjoy all the success by yourself! No one can take it from you. You are your own master.. 🙂

Being fit is not an option for me anymore, it’s a necessity. After 6 years of working out, dieting, falling off the wagon so many times and starting again – now I know what works best for my body. Now I understand my limits. I know how my body reacts to certain foods and certain workouts. You need to understand your body, treat it as your best friend, talk to it. That is the best way trust me! Treat it like your baby. You don’t neglect your baby.. if your baby is hungry you NEVER neglect it or avoid it! You make sure to feed it right then. You take care of your baby, bathe it, nurture it, feed it and love it. Your body is your first baby – it’s a place where your soul resides. And trust me – you may lose everything in your life – money, home, valuables, but your body will always stay with you till your last breath! Now it’s up to you in what state you want to see your body in your later years – Healthy or needing someone’s attention! Choice is Yours. 🙂

DSC_0613 DSC_0673 DSC_0677 DSC_0706

Dress: Asos | Scarf: Aldo | Bag: Wilsons Leather | Shoes: Clarks

Small Changes

Since I moved to Boston, I have been cooking all my three meals at home. Call it the need of the hour or my new resolution! And it has made a remarkable difference in my waist size (no kidding!). Also let’s add to the fact that I have been doing a lot of brisk walking since my new office is located right in the heart of Boston downtown where driving/parking is a nightmare. Hence I travel by subway metro 5 days a week, which includes good amount of walking and to and from the metro station. I now DO NOT take escalators or lifts at all. I climb stairs whenever possible. And then eating home made food all three times of the day (no more bloating.. yikes!!) pretty much helped me in moving one step forward towards my goal!

Remember – You are the first to feel the change in your body. How your clothes fit and how light you feel in your skin determines your fitness! I am happy to report that I feel great. 🙂


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