Taking it Slow

A good blogger would never tell you that they don’t feel like blogging (for whatever reasons that may be). But here I am, finally saying it out loud, I am leaning away from blogging off lately. It’s not a writer’s block. It’s just that I have other priorities to deal with in life right now (no, I am not pregnant). And no, this certainly does not mean that I am shutting down the blog or whatever. This only means that the posts here would not as regular as they used to be, which you might have already noticed, if you are a regular reader. I feel one shouldn’t do anything unless they are passionate about it!

This outfit is from a couple weeks back. Winters are here, and layering is all you are going to see for the next few months.. so let’s get on with it! (Again, I am not going anywhere.. just taking it slow) 🙂

Thank you for understanding!

P.S. I cut these jeans myself. They were too long.. so I made them right 😉

Leather Jacket, Flare Jeans, Moto, 2 Leather Jacket, Flare Jeans, Moto, 3 Leather Jacket, Flare Jeans, Moto, 4

Leather Jacket: Wilsons Leather | Sweater: Gap | Jeans: Express | Booties: Off Broadway

Same Color Family

Flare Jeans Woolen Scarf Flare Jeans Woolen Scarf Flare Jeans Woolen Scarf Flare Jeans Woolen Scarf

If you read blogs regularly, you might have heard about ‘writer’s block’ by now. Every once in a while, bloggers mention about going through a ‘writer’s block’ on their blog. Guess it’s my turn today. I have nothing to report (other than weather, but you don’t need me for that since there is Google) today! And strangely, when I am not sitting in front of computer (or with a pen and paper handy), I get so many ideas to write about (like so, so many)..!! It’s crazy how a blogger’s mind is always searching for inspiration, ideas for their next post! Huh.. I know I am not alone in this.. (fellow bloggers – this is where you speak up and agree with me).

P.S. Sometimes I wonder how much blue I wear and Blue is not even my favorite color. It is Red but then I own very few red pieces. Ha!

Knit Top: Worthington | Jeans: Express | Scarf: Forever 21

Another way to rock your Flare Jeans!

Flares Rule

Flares Rule

Told yaa.. Flares rule!

If you are a regular follower of Rising Colors blog, by now you would know that I have a clean and minimal way of dressing. Too many accessories in one outfit is just not my thing. I opt for clean sophisticated look which has at least one statement piece. Sometimes I let the shoes speak, sometimes it’s the jewelery i am wearing and most of the time it’s the choice of my bag which screams attention in an outfit. You see.. what I mean..

Anyways, this was quite a gray day with no sunshine and leftover snow <eeekkk..>! Layering is the key these days.. Please stay warm in which ever part of the world you are.. I am sending lots of warm wishes and hugs to you all 🙂

P.S. I am in love with these slim flare jeans. They add a good two inches to my height! Win.. win..!!

Jeans: Express (same) | Scarf: Express | Jacket: Cole Haan | Shoes: Cole Haan | Bag: Coach

Underrated Flare

We are talking about Flare pants today. They are so, so, so underrated. Everyone is crazy, mad over skinny pants (or jeans if you may). The notion is they make us look slim and toned… which may be right to an extent. But skinny pants also make us look short. However on the contrary, Flare (or bootcut) pants make us look taller. They not only enhance our curves, but give an illusion of longer legs. And who doesn’t want that? I believe Flares are evergreen. This 70’s style will never go out of style for me. Till now, I personally liked wearing bootcut pants over flared ones. (On that note, I dislike the Straight fit jeans – I feel they do no good to any body type. I stay miles away from them). But recently I tried the skinny flared jeans and I am in love.. They fit great, they are comfortable, and I look lean and tall wearing them. What else can you ask for? Right. (An outfit post coming soon on that).

Also I am kinda bored wearing the skinny jeans for years now.. It was time to make this little change in my wardrobe. I am quite excited to see how will I be styling Flared pants on the blog. If you are also fond of Flares/Bootcut like me, I present you a few good ways to style them –

Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants Flare Pants

All images via Pinterest