Mehendi Dress

From a blogger point of view, none of the pictures from this shoot turned out well. None. Not one at all. Honestly, this never happens. If we click twenty, atleast five do come out decent. But some days the camera really doesn’t co-operate and apparently, it was one of those days. But when I uploaded the pictures on the computer, I kind of really liked them. I liked how raw they looked – absolutely real. This is me, most of the time – twirling, smiling, always fixing her hair – perfectly imperfect.
Wore this to a lunch and shopping date with my girlfriend and had a blast. When you are happy it shows on your face. It was super windy that evening and it also rained later. Perfect end to a perfect day.
This green shade is what we call ‘Mehendi green’ in Hindi. Mehendi means henna. And whenever I look at this color, it reminds me of beautiful Indian weddings when brides and grooms apply mehendi on their hands. So shall we call this dress the ‘mehendi dress’? Ya, let’s.
The dress is from JCPenney, sandals from Target and earrings are Old Navy.


Flower Mania

Not sure if it is the season or my general happy mood, but these days (I mean every-single-day) I wake up wanting to dress the biggest flowers and the happiest colors. Blacks and greys don’t excite me anymore. If the print on the fabric isn’t ‘happy’ I don’t want to wear it. Does it happen with you too? Do you also go through phases like these? Black for a few months and then all colors of the rainbow for the next few?
Not sure till when it’s going to last, but I am loving this phase. I mean who doesn’t like to dress in clothes that make them happy, right?

Its the Fair season here in Orlando. Every weekend there is a fair going on. And since February, we’ve been to four Fairs already. Even though our little girl is too young to enjoy the rides, she loves the attention and the crowd. She is very social and very friendly and loves being around people (frankly, we love it)! Which is why we don’t miss a chance to bring her to events like these. Wore this Gap dress to one of the Fairs and had fun all afternoon! Love, love the coral color. I matched it with white gladiator sandals (from Aldo) which are quite old. You can find similar ones HERE.


Make Your Own Summer

I am done with winter dressing {I mean mentally (obviously duhh..)… In reality, it’s going to snow this week.. 😦 }.. Anyways.. as they say.. you need to make your world beautiful using your own two little hands.. And keeping that saying in mind, I choose not to dress up in more boring colors! Vivid colors are not just for spring and summer.. right! By simply tweaking your summer clothes, adding layers or throwing on a winter accessory will make it all worthwhile. Frankly, summer clothes paired with winter accessories look! Don’t you think?

Today I am wearing this beautiful floral white button down dress. This dress is made up of pure cotton, but it’s thick cotton and hence, if layered well, this dress saves me from the bone-chilling winter breeze. I added blue tights and a beret in the same color to make the outfit look a little put together. The leather jacket and boots add a little bit of ‘edge’ to this girly outfit and makes it more winter season appropriate. And yes, my friends let the sun not fool you.. it was quite cold.. the sun is just a mirage of summer 😉

Leather Jacket: Wilson’s Leather | Dress: Levi’s | Leggings: India | Boots: Off Broadway | Sunglasses/Beret: Forever 21