The Fun of Life

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome this summer is going for me. But before that, let me thank you all for your immense support and feedback with regards to my last post. I’m glad so many of you enjoyed reading it.
Coming back to today’s post, my mom is in town (well she has been for a while), and time is just flying. Everyday is so much fun. Now that a cute Little Missy has also joined our (ladies) club, fun has multiplied tenfold, if I may say. 😉
I have so many pictures memories to share with you all, and I will, I promise, it’s just that I try to give my daughter my undivided attention. Even if that means some time off from social media. Their is no fun in life if you don’t live in the moment, am I right? 🙂

Linen Tunic: Gap | Skirt: Target | Shoes: DSW | Sunglasses: Ray Ban


It was almost impossible to take pictures that evening with the crazy wind blowing (and that is why my friends, you’ll see me trying to control my hair in every other picture.. smh). Out of 30 pictures that we took, only 5 came out right (where I’m not eating my hair, or have a hair-mustache or blinded by my own hair)! But I’m not complaining since summers here in Florida are so hot and humid – I’ll take whatever Spring weather I can get.

Pink pants. Never thought I’ll ever wear them. But here we are. These pink chino pants are so comfortable, how could I not? What I really liked about them was that they are not ‘in-your-face-pink’. The faded pink color gives them a more casual look and makes them more wearable.

Blouse: Loft | Pants: Gap | Shoes: CL by Laundry | Necklace: Loft | Watch: Fitbit Glaze

Miss India

This post isn’t about the ‘Miss India’ title. 😉

Every year we visit India this time around.. to celebrate all the festivals that come with the change in weather! Markets get decorated, and so are the streets, people are out shopping for clothes, electric appliances, gold, silver, jewelry and what not! Everyone is in splurging mood.. This is the time when we also re-decorate our homes, we even clean them inside out! We pray to God to bless us with happiness, health and wealth! This is also the time when extended families get together, exchange gifts, couples get married (because this time of the year is considered auspicious), the weather also starts to cool down (though the ‘Fall’ period is very short there), people also make delicious sweets at home. Oh India, how I miss you!!

This year, I am going to miss all this since I am not visiting India this year! I am so bummed since this is the best time to be in India. Well, I will make do with the pictures and the stories my family and friends will share.. Hope my Indian friends/readers have already geared themselves up to enjoy this festival season!

This outfit is certainly not from last week. I wore this back when sun was kind and the weather was favorable! I can only dream of going bare legs these days!! Well, let me just look at these pictures and feel warm, if you don’t mind!

Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 2 Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 1 Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 3 Gap Skater dress, Wedge Pumps, 4

Dress: Gap | Shoes: Clarks | Necklace: Inherited from Mother in Law | Earrings: Gifted | Watch: Fossil | Sunglasses: Forever 21

Don’t ask ‘How are you?’

The other day I was watching a TV show (Pretty Little Liars – to be exact) and something said in the show really struck with me. It was about when we meet and greet someone, we generally ask ‘how are you’, but do we really want to know how are they doing? Or we want them to say what we want to hear.. which is ‘I am fine/great/doing well blah.. blah.. Do we really care if they are fine? They might be stressed, sad, searching for a job, or struggling to meet daily means, unhappy or worse depressed – but do we really want to listen to that level of an honest answer? Well, I don’t think we do want to listen to all that personal life crisis (and trust me we all are going through one or the other kind)… nobody’s life is perfect. Then what is the meaning of asking such a baseless question! From now on, I will switch to ‘How has your day/morning been so far?’ This will make others think and (perhaps) give an honest answer..!! 🙂

I wore this top in summers, and plan to rock it in Fall too. This color is so dynamic..! Well, these pictures were not taken very recently as you can see (I got my hair cut shorter after these were taken plus we don’t have skirt-worthy weather anymore). 😦

Net Top, Fall, Black Skirt, Pixie Hair, 1 Net Top, Fall, Black Skirt, Pixie Hair, 2 Net Top, Fall, Black Skirt, Pixie Hair, 3 Net Top, Fall, Black Skirt, Pixie Hair, 4

Top: Loft | Skirt: Gap | Sandals: Zara | Bag: Forever 21 | Watch: Fossil | Necklace: A museum in LA

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