Flower Mania

Not sure if it is the season or my general happy mood, but these days (I mean every-single-day) I wake up wanting to dress the biggest flowers and the happiest colors. Blacks and greys don’t excite me anymore. If the print on the fabric isn’t ‘happy’ I don’t want to wear it. Does it happen with you too? Do you also go through phases like these? Black for a few months and then all colors of the rainbow for the next few?
Not sure till when it’s going to last, but I am loving this phase. I mean who doesn’t like to dress in clothes that make them happy, right?

Its the Fair season here in Orlando. Every weekend there is a fair going on. And since February, we’ve been to four Fairs already. Even though our little girl is too young to enjoy the rides, she loves the attention and the crowd. She is very social and very friendly and loves being around people (frankly, we love it)! Which is why we don’t miss a chance to bring her to events like these. Wore this Gap dress to one of the Fairs and had fun all afternoon! Love, love the coral color. I matched it with white gladiator sandals (from Aldo) which are quite old. You can find similar ones HERE.


Play Day

For the first time ever, I took my little bee to an indoor playground. My God, are they loud or what! Kids screaming everywhere and running from one corner of the room to another like little maniacs. Of course it’s their idea of fun, who are we to judge. My poor little girl who is super friendly was so overwhelmed by all that screaming and running that she kept looking at me with puppy eyes. It was like she was asking ‘what is wrong with these children, mom?’ But at the end of the day, she did enjoy and that is what matters. And by the time we got home, she was dog-tired. Completely washed out! Mission Accomplished.
This is what I wore that afternoon. Sorry folks who are still living in cold. Here in Florida, the sun always shines. 😉

Dress: Old Navy | Shoes: Target | Watch: Michael Kors


I am not sure if I am ever going to go back to long hair. Yes, I did mention before.. on this very blog.. that I was growing my hair out, but looks like, I don’t have the patience or interest for it anymore! I just enjoy the freedom of short hair! I feel more like myself..!
Anyways, we went to visit the Statue of Liberty this weekend (this is what I wore the last time I went there). It was a hot, hot Saturday in New York. Living in Boston has really made me sensitive to hot weather. Surprisingly, I have become quite comfortable with the ‘Boston weather’ (which is not too hot or too cold – ok may be a little cold in the evenings). I am surprised because I always believed (still do!) that I was (am!) a ‘summer person’ and can bear any amount of heat no matter what! It seems change is inevitable.

Since I knew it was going to be a hot day, I wore a breezy green polka dot dress. And added white colored accessories with light gold jewelry keeping the summer theme in mind. I like less accessories and that is exactly what I did here too. This is a year old dress which I bought from an outlet store, hence I am sorry if it’s not available anymore!

P.S. I just noticed the very subtle definition in my arms (or should I say biceps?).. Looks like all the bicep curl reps are finally showing results(last pic)! 😀

DSC_0524 DSC_0527 DSC_0528 DSC_0531

Dress: Loft outlet | Sandals: Aldo | Sunglasses: Forever 21 | Watch: Fossil

Dress Code

Setting sun is my favorite. I don’t know what’s special about the evenings, but I love them more than mornings! We were about to head out when we thought of clicking a few pictures in our patio. So welcome guys.. to one of my favorite corners at home. I love the view from up here. It calms me, soothes me, and refreshes me! That being said, I am missing my home, but then I am also enjoying the time here in India. As they say – You can’t have the best of both worlds! 😦 🙂

On other note, the climate in New Delhi is showing no mercy! The humidity is at it’s peak. It was almost Fall back in Virginia just before we left. And we are back to this hot and humid weather in India. Guess it’s going to be a super long summer for me this year. Cheers to the Indian summer!

P.S. Isn’t Black dress ‘THE DRESS CODE” when you have nothing else to wear? (or when your brain doesn’t come up with any fruitful ideas)!

Dress: Zara | Sandals: Aldo | Watch: Fossil | Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory