Indian Glitz & Glam

It was quite a month long break! What say people? Did you miss me? Did you miss my posts? I surely missed you all my lovely readers, but then I was enjoying my vacation way too much hence I took a little break from the blogging community. However, I am back now! My vacation is over, and the routine life is back in place. I am back in States. To all my Indian readers – how were your holidays/festivals? Did you have loads of fun? Did you have a blast? Because I did! Being in India during this festive season is the best decision ever. No one else celebrates their festivals like we Indians do! We eat, we gift, we travel, we buy, we give, we celebrate, we literally have a blast (specially on Diwali)! What say??
Anyhow, I must get over my vacation days now considering I don’t want you guys to feel J or anything πŸ˜‰ (specially my Indian readers/bloggers/friends who did not get a chance to visit India this year)!
Today I am sharing a very few pictures from the main festivals/ceremonies I celebrated during my visit to India. This time I was totally in to Saris. Here’s the proof..

P.S. Shall post more pictures from my visit in the coming posts! So stay tuned πŸ˜€

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Keeping It Neutral

Excuse me while I am enjoying my vacation to the fullest! Well this was expected since living in India keeps me on my toes! Every day or the other I have functions to attend, places to go or people to meet! Unwillingly blogging takes a back seat and I don’t mind that at all. If you are a regular reader of Rising Colors, you would know that I do not blog professionally.. or to promote stuff or host sponsored giveaways!I blog because I have always liked dressing up and expressing my views on this platform gives me pure satisfaction!

Unlike my last year’s India trip, this year is full of travel plans. So far I have traveled to Pune (pictures coming soon) and the forthcoming weeks are going to be busier! The best part of the whole thing is I have managed to keep my workout schedule intact! I still exercise 4 times a week and eat healthy home made food! I am happy that I feel light and energetic (other than the usual muscle pains thanks to the intense workouts)! This feeling is the most important to me among all.. Anyhow today I am sharing my travel outfit. I prefer wearing neutrals while traveling. Well, there is no specific reason for it, it’s just what I like! We clicked these pictures at Starbucks located at the Dulles International Airport. I really like the interiors of this particular cafe! Unlike other Starbucks, this one was quite contemporary!

In other news, Delhi summers are still going strong! There are no signs of Autumn so far.. πŸ™‚

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Sweatshirt: American Apparel | Jeans: NY&C | Sandals: Payless | Watch: Fossil