Our recent trip to India was soul satisfying. (Btw, thankfully we came back a month ago, way before all the lockdowns and travel bans). While in India, I basically just did ‘nothing’. I woke up, ate and slept. In my humble opinion, we all need such times in our lives when we are not running behind something. Though this trip was absolutely impromptu and the reason behind the trip was definitely not ‘leisure’ or vacation, I still had a very relaxing time there.
This trip made me realize that we don’t realize, in general we run behind too many things in life. From the start of the day to finish we always have things/activities/chores planned. Our To-Do list is never ending and stuff keeps piling up – it’s the story of our mundane routine lives. From now on, I have decided to block time in my to-do list to do NOTHING. Yep! This time will be used to absolutely do nothing. No nail spas or facials or shopping trips – Just nothing. I don’t know what I will be doing during that time. May be I will pick a pen and notepad and just write my thoughts or may be I’ll just sit and relax and stare at the wall. This feeling of ‘I have nothing to accomplish’ right now would be so freeing since we are always ‘on the go’ and rarely have time to sit and do nothing.
I wrote the above paragraph two weeks ago, when things were not as crazy as now. Looks like I won’t have to ‘make’ time to do nothing, we have been forced in to it anyway. Ok, maybe not nothing, some of us are still working from home, tending kids and the elderly but you know what I mean.. No traveling to work, no socializing, no partying equals to more free time. How are you spending all this ‘extra free time’ at home?
On the plus side, staying home more means more opportunities to wear a Saree. I am sure liking the freedom of dressing up my way – everyday!
This light weight printed chiffon saree in mustard felt perfect for a ‘work from home summer afternoon’. Bought it in Kanpur (India) from a local shop, you can find similar ones here and here. Classic Clarks Moccasins.

The Big Three

The big news is that my first born is turning three next week! How did that happen? Right. Okay, first things first – You’ll never hear me say that time flies. Like never. Specially, these three years did not. I have lived, loved (and suffered too) every single day of all these years since she came along in to our lives.
Yes, kids are lovely and they bring whole other dimension to our lives but, BUT – they also make our bodies go through second birth, they tire us, they make us worry, they give us sleepless nights, they take all the living juice out of us and then they also teach us ‘how to love someone so much that your heart hurts’, they teach us patience, they teach us forgiveness, they teach us how to look at life with innocence, they teach us so many things.. I will stop here.
Anyways, where were we? Yes, so I have lived all these moments with her and loved most of them (ok, I’ll say it) and hated some too. Some days felt never-ending and some nights were longer than I could ever imagine. Some days were so joyous, it felt like my heart would burst with happiness and then there were lows. It is tough, the initial years are challenging – specially for new parents, and even more for those who live overseas or far away from their immediate families. There is no one to guide you and get you through the rough waters. You’ve got to figure out everything on your own – all while keeping an innocence life alive and fed!! Waah!
AND WE DID IT! I am so proud. We are growing WITH her too. What a beautiful phase it is, to see everything from her eyes. Sometimes innocent, sometimes witty – she’s just charming. She will charm anyone with her smile and the way she says ‘Pleeeease’ with puppy eyes when she wants something. We are still working on our tantrums, but frankly I don’t mind them! I actually find them cute to be honest. Anyways, so I was saying that we are going to celebrate our daughter’s third birthday next weekend and we are SO looking forward to it!

Wore this pretty suit today which was a hand me down from the mothership. I somehow feel engulfed by her love and warmth when I wear her clothes. That will never change I guess! ūüôā
Until next time..

A Photoshoot Gone Bad

I think I am not the only one who went through this.. I guess all my fellow bloggers would agree here! I dressed up.. even applied make-up (for a change) that day and was pretty excited since it was going to be an Indian outfit photo shoot! We clicked pictures, came¬†back home, and ¬†after changing my clothes, I sat down to transfer the pictures to my laptop. Only then I realized we clicked all the pictures in ‘black and white’ mode! Damnnn..!! Well, I was quite disappointed (and angry.. and sad and more angry.. haha) about the whole situation, but then did not have the energy to change again and go out for another shoot. So, I am just playing with what I have today.. ok?

P.S. I am no immune to the ‘selfie-craziness’, so I clicked a picture while waiting in the car (thankfully), but that’s only half of my outfit.. so you will have to bear with it today! Happy Monday you all..!!

DSC_0751 20150419_141346

Pattern Play

Another Monday and another week of Life! I have very few words to share with you all today. Let’s just say I am not in the best of moods and/or available to chit chat today. I would like to speak less and listen more (at least for today).

It was a dull weekend for me. Same life. Same events. Nothing new! If there is no newness in my life, I tend to slow down.. And I guess that’s what I am doing right now. I am relaxing.. and slowing down.. and taking the back seat.

Leaving you all with a few pictures we clicked when we drove to Fayetteville last month. Wonder why these were sitting in my archives for a couple of weeks!

Click on a picture to view it in a bigger size

Outfit Details: Suit: India | Bag: T.J. Maxx (similar) | Shoes: Gap | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Watch: Fossil